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Top Best Cashmere Baby Blanket

A Cashmere baby blanket is the perfect way to swaddle your baby if you do not like cotton which are considered to be the best swaddle blankets. Cashmere is soft, and durable. This is a very luxurious material that you can feel proud of. It is highly stylish, and provides your baby with loads of comfort.

Cashmere baby blankets come in various shapes, sizes, and forms. Some are solid cashmere, while others are knitted with 100% cashmere. Either way, you are getting a quality blanket, that is fashionable, durable, and functional.

When shopping for a cashmere baby blanket be sure to buy from a reputable seller. You never want to buy a premium product that is not genuine. There are a lot of cashmere knock offs, so ensure the blanket is constructed from 100% cashmere.

Cashmere softens with every wash, and it is very gentle on your baby’s skin. You never have to worry about a cashmere baby blanket causing irritations or breakouts. These blankets are delicate, and need to be hand washed. Some even suggest dry cleaning as the best alternative care plan. Then you will want to lay the blanket flat so it can air dry.

If you are looking for a unique gift for a baby shower, then you should consider purchasing a cashmere baby blanket. It is a high quality item, that will last for years. It makes a great heirloom gift, that the baby can someday use on their own bundle of joy. The fabric is soft, and the look is a fashion forward trend that will never be outdated.

Etsy is a reputable platform to buy a homemade cashmere baby blanket from. There are many different vendors who offer these blankets, but we have gathered the top 7 cashmere baby blankets on Etsy. All of these are top notch baby blankets, and possess the qualities you would look for in a cashmere baby blanket.

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  1. Comparison Chart Of Best Cashmere Baby Blanket
  2. Detailed Review Of Best Cashmere Baby Blanket

Comparison Chart Of Best Cashmere Baby Blanket

Virkotie2019Cashmere 35 x 28 inches$$5.0
ReverieTextilesUpcycled cashmere, wool roving, organic bamboo velour, cashmere sweaters32 x 26 inches$$$4.9
MildaCashmereCoCashmere, leather, knit40 x 26 inches$$$4.9
Schmuul8ArgeCashmere34 x 24 inches$$$4.8
danielastangeCashmere27 x 27 inches$$$4.7
KnittedbysandeeCotton, Cashmere37 x 26 inches$4.6
danielastangeCashmere, Hand Knit32 x 24 inches$$$4.6
Yellow Knit Cashmere Baby BlanketCashmere, Hand Knit27.6 X 35.4 inches$$$4.5
Unisex Super Soft 100% Cashmere Baby Blanket Cashmere31.4 x 35 inches$$4.5
Custom Embroidered 100% Cashmere Baby Blanketcashmere, embroidery36 x 36 inches$$4.5

Detailed Review Of Best Cashmere Baby Blanket:

Virkotie VANILLA 100% Cashmere Baby Blanket


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The Vanilla Cashmere baby blanket by Virkotie is perfect for boys or girls. The gender friendly blanket is 100% cashmere, and is perfect for a newborn baby. If you have someone special you would like to send this blanket too, Virkotie would be happy to arrange a one of a kind delivery.

This blanket makes the perfect baby shower gift, as it is presented in its own gift box. The overall measurements of this blanket are 70cm x 90cm, which is big enough to accommodate an infant or a toddler. It will need to be hand washed, and air dried. This blanket is a softer choice of fabric, and will care for your baby’s skin while in use.

Cashmere Baby Blanket, Made to Order


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The Cashmere Bady Blanket by REVERIE Textiles is made to order. This blanket can be customized with owls and acorns, or hedgehog appliques. The blanket consists of multiple colors, and is very pleasing to the eye.

It has a patchwork quilt design, and constructed from up-cycled pure cashmere sweaters. You can custom order this blanket with the colors of your choice. It measures 26 x 32 inches, and is very cozy.

The back of the blanket is made of soft organic bamboo velour, and there are no exposed seams because it is double sided. Cashmere is naturally water resistant, which is perfect when wanting to keep your baby warm and cozy. This blanket can only be hand washed with a mild soap, and then air dried.


Aqua Baby 100% Cashmere Knit Blanket


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Aqua is a pleasing color that is neutral to either gender. This blanket is 100% cashmere, and measures 40 x 26 inches. Proudly knitted in the USA, with imported cashmere. It comes with care instructions and a brush. The Aqua Cashmere Baby Blanket makes the perfect gift for the mother to be. It is soft, stylish, and the ideal blanket to put next to your baby’s skin.

Cashmere Baby Blanket


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This blanket ships worldwide from the UK, and is the ideal material for keeping your baby warm. If you are looking for a cozy blanket, then this is the one you want. It measures 86cm x 60cm, and is 100% cashmere. This blanket can only be hand washed and air dried. The Cashmere baby blanket is made to order, which gives this blanket a personal touch.

Cashmere Baby Blanket / Knit Baby Blanket in Cream


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The Cashmere Baby Blanket by Danielastange measures 27×27 inches. It is a great length to swaddle your baby tightly and protect them from the cold. 100% cashmere yarn is used to craft this homemade blanket. It is available in light pink, baby blue and gray. Dry cleaning is the best alternative, but the blanket can be hand washed as well.

Cashmere and Cotton Baby Shawl or Pram Blanket


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The Cashmere Baby Blanket measures 95cm x 65cm. This   cashmere yarn is imported from the UK. Perfect blanket for Moses baskets or cribs. It is very lightweight, but will keep your baby cozy warm.

The blanket needs to be hand washed in liquid that is designed for wool. Place on low spin and lay flat to dry. Never place the blanket in the dryer, as it can shrink. Every wash makes the blanket softer. The Cashmere and Cotton Baby Blanket comes gift wrapped, so you can give it as a gift. There is a white gift card attached, so you can add a personal note.

100% Cashmere Hand Knit Baby Blanket


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This gender friendly blanket makes the perfect gift for the mother to be. It is cozy and soft, so it will not irritate the baby’s skin. You have your choice of color, which includes cream, baby blue, light pink, navy, light gray, ocean blue, brown, purple and red.

The blanket measures 24×32 inches, and is perfect for using in a stroller, car seat, baby bed, bassinet, or for swaddling. US shipping is free, and all orders are shipped out in about 7 days. The blanket should be hand washed or dry cleaned. All blankets are made to order, so you get the personalized feel of a unique gift.

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