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Organic Baby Bedding: What Product Is Really Safe?

A baby’s crib is the center of the house for all parents. It differs from an ordinary adult bed, as there are no quilts, blankets or cushions. Until reaching the age of 12 months, a child spends 15 hours or more a day sleeping, so its little bed should be as safe as possible. Bedding should be soft, comfortable and must help the child regulate his body temperature.

Many parents nowadays know that not all the materials producers use to make even organic baby bedding are non-toxic, though an “organic” label is associated with safety. Others have concerns about products being friendly to the environment. Despite various certifications, companies can hide the fact they used toxins while making their products, so you have to be cautious. Since bedding may become the main source of chemical evaporations, it’s gravely important to choose the right mattress, sheets and blankets to ensure a normal child’s development during its most fragile years.

Table of Content:

  1. Independent reviews of Safest organic baby bedding
  2. Safety regulations for all types of organic baby bedding
  3. Going for organic baby bedding: avoid deceit
  4. Conclusion

Independent Reviews of the Safest Organic Baby Bedding

1.  American Baby Company Organic Cotton Blanket

This is another item from the American Baby Company to complete your organic baby bedding set. This sweater knit blanket consists of 100% organic cotton. It means it’s pesticides and fertilizers free but there’s no certificate on it. The color is natural beige and there is an almost invisible checkerboard pattern. The package is thoughtfully designed, so the blanket can be a useful gift. It can be easily machine-washed and dried to save you trouble.

Parents who have it like the fact it’s lightweight and isn’t too heavy for an infant. Although it’s hard to find a warm, breathable and organic blanket, this one satisfied the customers’ demands. It has gone through the washing and drying process for hundred times, but quality, softness, and shape remain the same. If you need a natural and cozy blanket that will serve you for years and perform different functions, that’s the greatest option available.

Check the Amazon price and feedback for this organic blanket.

2. Organic Crib Sheet from Burt’s Bees Baby

The Burt’s Bees Baby company specializes solely in organic baby bedding produced from natural materials. Its products are safe to your little ones and meet all the environmental standards. This crib sheet is made of 100% certified organic cotton, which comes from India. It will fit a standard crib mattress closely and won’t pose a threat of suffocation to your precious baby. To ensure a tight fit there is an all-round elastic, which prevents the sheet from slipping down.

The reviewers just love it, because it’s super soft and cozy, so the comments are positive. The bee pattern is nice and amusing but not loud and there are different color options. Customers don’t advise to bleach it because the print can be damaged and bleach can be hazardous to babies. You can mix this sheet with solid gray or the striped mattress pads from the Burt’s Bees all of which are organic.

Click to learn the Amazon price and order the product.

3. YourEcoFamily Certified Organic Cotton Fitted Crib Sheet

The cotton used to make this piece of organic baby bedding was grown without any chemicals. The sheet is free from dyes, bleach, and pesticides and has a GOTS Certificate. It’s sustainable to multiple washes and is cozy and soft. However, be careful while machine-washing the product and do it in low temperatures with like colors. You can safely put your baby into the crib when this sheet is on because it has an all-round elastic and can’t be easily taken off when the child is moving. If you don’t like your purchase you can return it within 30 days and get your money back with no questions asked.

Unlike other sheets the customers had had before, this one feels durable and is truly organic. You can use it if your child has allergies or just a very delicate skin as it’s soft and doesn’t contain toxins. It fits the mattress and is warm during winter months. The package is exclusively designed, so it can be a great shower gift.

Find out more about this organic item on Amazon.

4. Brooklyn Bamboo Organic Fitted Crib Sheet

This is a really cute fitted sheet with panda bears on it which both boys and girls will like. The producers assure it’s made of organic bamboo and is better than cotton. It’s more durable and you can wash it in the machine many times. It’s also breathable and hypoallergenic, so you don’t have to worry about your baby’s health. These sheets come in five sizes and you can choose the one that fits your crib best. It’s important that your little one doesn’t get tangled up in it. The Brooklyn Bamboo Company recommends ordering a bamboo mattress pad as well to make the child even more comfortable and safe.

Reviewers say the sheets are even softer than they have expected. They are perfect for a child’s sensitive skin. Some complained the item didn’t fit the crib mattress as it was too large but using elastics solves the problem. Many are happy it doesn’t change after several washes and becomes even softer. It also goes well as a cute shower gift.

Look for photos and details on Amazon.

5. American Baby Company Organic Crib Mattress Pad

A crib mattress cover is an essential piece of a set of organic baby bedding. This item has a soft natural cotton surface that is safe and soft to the baby’s delicate skin. The inner layers are of breathable polyester, but you can’t avoid that if you want a waterproof mattress pad. Its size fits the crib perfectly because you can stretch the sides. Producers warn to wash it in cold water with similar colors and not to tumble dry it. Otherwise, the materials and waterproof qualities will be damaged.

The reviews are mostly positive and honest. Customers are satisfied with its quality, construction, and durability. The padding is just right and not too thick, but it’s soft and comfortable, so children sleep better with this crib mattress pad. Some even use it without pulling a sheet over the pad. If washed properly it lives long and protects the crib mattress from urine, vomits, nosebleeds, spills, and leaks.

Learn more about the American Baby Company Pad on Amazon.

Safety Regulations for All Types of Organic Baby Bedding

Organic baby bedding may encompass many items but first of all, you should consider essential things:

  • Crib mattress.

Start looking for the crib mattress when you are expecting a baby and when you already have a crib. The mattress should fit the cot perfectly with no possibility of movement. You can check it by putting two fingers between the mattress and the edge of the crib. If space is more than two fingers wide, take a larger size. Besides, the mattress must be waterproof and fire-resistant. It should be firm and solid, so the child can’t sink into it.

  • Mattress pads.

Crib mattresses are usually expensive but covers are a great way to both protect the mattress and ensure your baby’s safety. They prevent leaks from reaching the mattress and keep it clean and dry. If there’s a risk of bed bugs, consider encasing the mattress with a protector. The pads come in a variety of materials, so make sure you choose organic products without any chemicals.

  • Bumper pads.

These are pads fixed to the crib’s sides to protect the baby from kicking it and getting harmed. However, doctors strongly recommend not using them, as pads have been involved in many babies’ deaths in the cribs. If you still want them, choose the thinnest ones and make sure they can’t come off.

You should have different sheets for each season if the temperature differs in your region. Light cotton sheets are good for summer while flannel will go well in winter months providing extra comfort and warmth. There are also fastened sheets with elastic around the item, so you don’t have to tuck them.

  • Blankets, quilts, and coverlets.

These items aren’t recommended as well, as they increase the risk of suffocation and SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Use light organic baby bedding products, which aren’t heavy for your child to kick off. Swaddles are used only for the first few weeks, but sleeping suits are a safe alternative to blankets to keep your infant warm.

Forget about them till your baby is two years old. Pillows, comforters, and stuffed toys pose a threat of suffocation.

Going for Organic Baby Bedding: Avoid Deceit

Unfortunately, even the most popular manufacturers claiming they produce organic items may sell products containing toxins. To select a totally safe item you need to be sure it’s made of organic materials and doesn’t contain toxic chemicals.

There are both cotton and organic cotton material. The difference is that organic cotton was farmed and processed without applying pesticides and fertilizers while simple cotton may still contain the remains of chemicals. Another organic material is wool, so organic wool should come from sheep, which ate organic food and weren’t fed with hormones. Consequently, the price of organic bedding is higher.

Usually, a truly organic baby bedding doesn’t come in bright colors as they involve the use of chemicals. The most reliable way to select a safe item for you baby to sleep on is to look for a certified label which proves the product is organic.

Conclusions: Are You Ready to Make a Purchase?

Now you’re probably convinced that organic baby bedding is a must have if you care about your child’s health. Remember, that manufacturers may use chemicals and toxins for both growing cotton and processing it, so a label stating the product is of cotton doesn’t guarantee safety. Always look for international certification before ordering the product.

Baby bedding comes in a variety of items, so make sure you need the one you’ve set eyes on. Having a high-quality crib mattress, two mattress pads, several sheets and light blankets is a sufficient minimum. Put your child’s safety first because colors and design may be deceptive. The more ribbons and decorations the product has, the more dangerous it might be.



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