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Top 6 Best Baby Mattresses

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Scrolling through the best baby mattresses for cribs may seem a little confusing as the range of available options is rather wide and they all look quite alike. Yet, it’s an important task since babies spend more than 16 hours sleeping and need the healthiest environment around them during that time. This article is designed for parents who worry about their child’s safety and sleeping comfort to help them make the right decision.

Table of Content:

  1. Comparison chart of best baby mattresses
  2. Independent review of best baby mattresses
  3. Choosing of best baby mattresses
  4. How to clean urine stain out of a mattress
  5. Bottom line

Comparison Chart of Best Baby Mattresses

Moonlight Slumber $$$4.7
My First Mattress$$4.6
Sealy $$4.6
Dream On Me$$4.6
Safety 1st$$4.5
My First Mattress$$4.5
Safety 1st$$4.4

Independent Reviews of Top 6 Best Baby Mattresses 

6. Heavenly Dreams White Crib Mattress

This item designed by Safety 1st takes the top place in the list of the best baby mattresses due to the highest quality, safety, and comfort that it provides to you and your child. Being certified by GREENGUARD GOLD, this crib mattress ensures that your baby sleeps in the healthy environment. It’s an absolutely organic choice as it saves the fire resistant feature without toxic chemicals being used, which makes it stand out from the other options available on the market.

According to the reviews, the product is very efficient – people inform that the foam core of the mattress gives their children exactly the support they need. They also praise the light weight and durability of this crib mattress along with its waterproof vinyl cover that is very easy to clean.

Find out more information about this item and see its price on Amazon.

5. Dream on Me Twilight Spring Coil Mattress

This innerspring mattress is another safe and durable option. Being made in the USA, this product promises to be sturdy and long-lasting. There are 80 coils in the core made from the steel of ultimate quality and a 6-gauge steel border wire that forms the framing. The polyurethane foam material on the cover provides the antibacterial function. Moreover, the mattress has two hypoallergenic top layers that protect your little one from most allergens – the one is waterproof and another is fire resistant.

The customers enjoy the design as this crib mattress comes with a nice print. They say it has proven its ability to prevent dust, dirt, and any sorts of liquids from penetrating inside the material. Parents like that the stains, if they happen to appear, are wiped with very little effort, which aids the product’s longer service.

Look at the detailed characteristics of this product and its Amazon price.

4. Sealy Soybean Foam Crib Mattress

One more GREENGUARD Certification labeled product that can be considered as one of the best baby mattresses for cribs is Sealy Crib Mattress. A dense soybean foam core is covered with wet-resistant pearl embossed layer. The whole process of manufacture from designing and engineering to producing occurs in the USA. Moreover, the mattress has won the America’s Best for Baby reward, which indicates the manufacturer as trustable and proves the item is upscale.

The reviewers confirm that all the features of this product work together for the children’s supreme comfort. They say that the mattress offers a soft comfortable feel by touch and is perfectly firm for supporting infants’ growing bones. Another benefit found by reviewers is that the materials are designed in such a way that the mattress doesn’t sag.

3. Memory Foam Crib Mattress by My First Mattress

This fantastic product is outstanding in its category due to its effectiveness and durability. It’s made of a certified polyurethane memory foam material that adjusts to the body shape of your baby, yet stays firm enough to be supportive. The size of the mattress and its square corners design allow for its tight fit to the standard crib. This product successfully passed the safety standards, which makes it one of the best baby mattresses for your child’s crib.

The majority of feedback for this item are positive. Parents find it the biggest benefit that a waterproof mattress cover can be taken off and washed separately, which makes it a question of free choice whether to buy a mattress pad or not in order to keep the mattress clean and dry. Because this mattress does not require a mattress it is also one of the best mattresses for toddlers.

To learn more about this product, visit Amazon.

2. Simmons Kids Beautyrest Beginnings Ultra Deluxe Mattress

If you’re looking for a chemical-free natural mattress for your baby, this product may be a good option. Its dual-purpose design makes it perfect for a long-term use – one side of the mattress is firm and dense aiding a newborn’s emerging spine, while the other side is covered with a convoluted foam layer to give the soft comfort for your baby when grown up for a toddler bed. To ensure a better support and stability, there are the 231 pocketed coil springs and innofoam corner protectors inside the mattress.

The reviewers enjoy the safety this mattress provides that is proved by independent testing and certifications labels on the product. They like it that the item is non-toxic and doesn’t contain any fire retardants. The reviews also make it clear that this crib mattress is able to keep an excellent shape even after long time of use. This mattress is also on our list of best toddler mattresses.

Look here for more details and price information.

1. Little Dreamer Dual Firmness Foam Mattress by Moonlight Slumber

This is another dual-purpose foam mattress suitable for both crib and toddler beds. It’s CertiPUR certified, which is a sign of its non-toxic eco-friendly content. A high quality craftsmanship supported with strong stitching makes this mattress a long-lasting option. The first layer that covers the foam provides a fire barrier (yet, no fire-retardant chemicals were used), while the upper layer ensures bed bugs, dust mites, and other bacteria protection along with water resistance.

According to the vast majority of the reviews, this foam mattress is a very safe and healthy choice for you and your baby. Parents like its light weight since it gets much easier to change sheets, which is an additional benefit at nights. They also find it an advantage that the stitches don’t go as usual on the top of the mattress but go along its sides preventing any liquids from permeating in-between the seams.

Find out other characteristics on this product on Amazon.

Best Baby Mattresses: What Type to Choose

When looking for a mattress for your baby’s crib, you should remember that its quality and comfort totally depends on what is inside. As always, there are some strong and weak points of each type of mattress. That’s why sometimes manufacturers combine them to make a better quality product. The following is some information about different materials for you to get a clearer idea on which type of mattress you need:

  • Foam crib mattress.
    Foam is the lightest type of mattress that allows you to easily remove it whenever it’s necessary. That’s why this is a good option in comparison with other baby mattresses if you plan to use it for a portable folded crib. The most common materials here are polyurethane, latex, bamboo fiber, and so on. As a rule, the more is the density and the firmness, the more safety and support the mattress provides to your child.
    Among its benefits is also affordability – the price for this kind of mattresses is comparatively cheaper than for others. However, this may be a sign of low quality so you have to watch out for the harmful chemicals in the list of components.
  • Memory foam mattress.
    Memory foam is a type of foam that can adjust to your baby’s body shape making it softer and more comfortable to sleep on this kind of mattress. When you take the baby away from the surface, it goes back to its original shape ensuring the product’s durability and preventing its sagging.
    Since memory foam wraps around your baby, it makes the air circulate in such a way that the upper layer of the mattress feels warmer. This becomes a benefit for those who live in cold climate zones. In other cases, it may be a disadvantage causing sweating and discomfort feelings during your child’s sleep.
  • Coil spring baby mattress.
    These are also called innerspring mattresses and are made with coiled steel inside. They are much heavier than other types, yet are more durable and able to provide more support. Another benefit is that these mattresses are even more breathable than the best baby mattresses made of foam.
    When looking for the innerspring mattress, you have to pay attention to the content details. In the list of characteristics, you can see a number of coils the item has and the thickness of the used steel. The latter is more important and ensures a firmer support for your baby’s growing bones. Besides, beware of purchasing cheap coil spring mattresses since they can make the creaky noises every time your baby moves in the crib.
  • Pocket spring mattress.
    This type is quite similar to the coil spring type. The main difference is that here the coils are not joined to each other but are put in separate pockets. This guarantees that each coil compresses in accordance with the weight amount that is put on it. For example, the part under the baby’s back will be more pushed in than the one that supports the legs. Such feature allows for more support and comfort for you baby. All of this makes the price of pocket spring mattresses much higher, yet they belong to the best baby mattresses available today.
  • Organic mattresses.
    A smart option would also be to buy a mattress made of natural materials that don’t undergo chemical processing. They may be untreated wool, natural latex, coconut fiber, cotton, and so on. The main advantages are their safety and hypoallergenic function, yet most of them are also breathable and long lasting.
    Before purchasing the organic crib mattress, it’s advised to perform a little research on what kind of a natural fiber is used and how much of it the item contains. The labels of GREENGUARD or Global Organic Textile Standard Certification on the products mean that you can be sure they won’t do any harm to your baby’s health.

How to clean urine stain out of a mattress

Learn how to clean urine stain out of mattress with the help of just two ingredients vinegar and water.

Bottom Line

Being a parent is not easy. You spend most of the time with your child giving the best care you can. Yet, sometimes you are physically unable to look after your baby and make sure it’s safe – for example, at night. That’s why it’s highly important to organize your kid’s sleeping environment in the best and the healthiest way.

The best baby mattresses are designed with your child’s safety in mind. Most of them undergo different sorts of independent testing and analyses. Still, you can contact the manufacturer before buying any item in order to make sure the chosen option will be the best one.

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