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Top 10 Best Baby Sleep Sacks with Sleeves

When there’s a baby in the house, everything is about comfort and safety. Choosing the child’s bedding can be fun but what you really should care about is your baby’s Carters-baby-sleep-sack-with-sleevesunworried sleep. While sheets and blankets are suitable enough, there’s a slight risk an infant may move at night and uncover itself. That’s why many parents decide to switch to sleep bags and stop worrying that a child may suddenly wiggle out of its blanket and get cold at night. The best option is to use a baby sleep sack with sleeves because you won’t need any additional cover.

Table of Content:

  1. Comparison chart of best baby sleep sack with sleeves
  2. Detailed review of best baby sleep sack with sleeves
  3. FAQ about a baby sleep sack with sleeves
  4. Advantages of baby sleep sack with sleeves
  5. Recommendations before buying a best baby sleep sack with sleeves

Comparison Chart of Best Baby Sleep Sacks with Sleeves

L'ovedbaby100% Organic CottonIndia$$$5.0
Spasilk100% CottonChina$$4.9
SchlummersackOuter and Lining: 100% Jersey Cotton, Padding: soft polyester fleeece to prevent migration and allergies.Not listed$$$$4.8
BabysoySoy + Organic CottonUSA$$$4.7
Carter's100% polyester microfleece China$$4.7
Carters100% Polyester Microfleece
Jasper Baby100% CottonChina$$$$4.5
SlumberSafe 100% CottonNot listed$$$$4.5
Schlummersack100% CottonNot listed$$$$4.5
Carter's 100% Polyester Microfleece
Not listed$$$4.1

Top 5 Best Baby Sleep Sacks with Sleeves

1. L’ovedbaby Organic Infant Gown

baby sleep sack with sleeves

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This product differs in its design from the others. There’s a huge variety of colors available, both solid and striped. Two tiny pockets make the garment stylish. This is a baby sleep sack with sleeves and mittens, so you don’t have to worry that your child will get cold or scratch itself. The 4-snap closure allows changing the baby quickly. It’s made of organic cotton and the material meets the Global Organic Textile Standard.

There are two sizes to choose from: newborn and 0-3 months but carefully read the weight and size information before ordering. The one for newborns is small, so you won’t be disappointed if you pick a larger one and will use it later. However, with the majority of products available being huge, this one is sure to fit the NB size. The overall quality is excellent and those who have the L’ovedbaby sleep sack claim it’s cozy and soft to the baby’s skin.

2. Spasilk Sleep Bag Sack

good baby sleep sack with sleeves

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This baby sleep sack with sleeves was designed for the smallest infants of 0-6 months. The fabric is 100% cotton, which can be easily machine-washed. It will suit boys better since the color is blue and you can choose the one with cars or dinosaurs. There’s a zipper on the front and a neckline tab, so you won’t have any trouble with dressing and undressing your little one. However, you can unzip it only from the bottom and that’s not very comfortable for diaper changes at night. The zipper is covered with fabric at the neckline and won’t harm your baby.

The reviewers love the fact the item is organic cotton and has sleeves. There’s no need for additional covers because the arms are protected and stay warm. The sack is lightweight, breathable and does well in warm weather. If your child hates being wrapped tightly, consider this option. The only thing to complain of is that babies grow very fast during the first 6 months, so you probably won’t use this product for a long time.

3. Schlummersack Winter Baby Sleeping Sack with Sleeves (6-18 Months)

comfortable baby sleep sack with sleeves

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This sleeping bag is designed to use during winter and is good for room temperatures below 18ºC (64ºF) as the tog is 3.5. Make sure it fits your conditions, otherwise your baby will be too hot and that’s dangerous. Such a sack is useful for traveling during a cold season because it helps the child to stay cozy in unfamiliar surroundings. The material is 100% jersey cotton, inside there’s soft polyester fleece to prevent allergies and is great for sensitive skin. Producers mention the item has undergone lots of tests and is of good quality, so it’s not going to lose shape with time. The fabric can be both machine-washed and tumble-dried.

Some customers say it may be too large for a child, but remember that it’s made specifically for winter months. Your baby is sure to have a longer and healthier sleep in it. There are no toxic chemicals and flame-retardants in the material, so your child will be safe. The embroidery depicting cute animals and trees is very nice and bright.

4. Organic Cotton Long Sleeve Sleep Sack

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The US-made baby sleep sack with sleeves is a great and safe alternative to ordinary blankets. The material is incredibly soft, breathable, and 100% organic. The tog rating is a middle 1.0 which goes well with the room temperature of 66-75 ºF (18-24 ºC). There are different sizes available and all of them are true to what’s indicated. In the smallest sizes (XS and S), there are fold back mittens to keep the child’s hands warm. The sleepsuit is available in four colors.

Parents admit that a zipper is very well designed: there’s a special pocket to hide it and its covered by fabric, so the baby can’t scratch itself with it. The child can freely kick and move inside the sleep sack, but will never get cold due to the sleeves. There’s also no need for a blanket or pants underneath. Most of the reviews are positive and users highly recommend buying this item as its extremely hard to find a cotton sleep bag with sleeves.

5. Carter’s Sleep Sack (0-9 Months)

cotton baby sleep sack with sleeves

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This is a nice yellow sleepsuit made of 100% polyester microfleece, which is not as durable as traditional fleece and may have balls after several washes. It’s free of dangerous toxins like BPA, Phthalate, Latex, and Lead. To ensure safety Carter’s Sleep Sack has a full zipper closure and a safety flap over the top of the zipper not to harm the child. It’s warm and soft enough both for winter months and hot summer days in an air-conditioned house.

Parents who bought it claim their little ones love sleeping in it. A light color and a duck applique are cute and it’s easy to machine-wash the product. Diaper change is super easy as the baby doesn’t need to wear pants with this item. However, be careful to order a larger size than indicated by the producer because this baby sleep sack may appear too small for your child. It will fit a 3-6 months child better.

FAQ about a Baby Sleep Sack with Sleeves

Nowadays there are plenty of options on the market and it’s easy to get lost. With so many things to consider before buying, try to figure out what is the purpose of a baby sleep bag and what you need to know about it.

  • What is a baby sleep sack with sleeves?

It can be described as a wearable blanket with a zip. It looks like a nightgown but you can safely wrap your baby in it and keep it warm all the time. In summer, you can detach sleeves from some sleep sacks.

  • When to start using it?

Some parents buy sleep bags even for newborn babies, but generally, it’s better to use it when your child is six weeks old. Producers usually indicate the age their sleeping sack is designed for.

  • What are the materials?

The fabric is usually organic cotton, though sometimes producers use polyester, fleece, wool, and bamboo.

  • How warm should they be?

Textile producers use togs to measure thermal insulation. You can have a 2.5-tog sleep sack for winter and a lighter 0.5-tog one for hot summer. To make the right decision always keep a thermometer in the nursery. Never use a heavier than 2.5-tog sack in ordinary room temperature because it’s too hot. Remember not to cover the baby with warm quilts.

  • How to choose the right size?

This question is the most important. Firstly, look at the age limitation set by a producer. Usually, it’s 0-6 months, 6-18 months, and 18-36 months. If you buy a large one, there’s a danger of your baby slipping underneath it or getting tangled up. Older children may feel too constrained in a sleeping bag.

Advantages of a Baby Sleep Sack with Sleeves

You may ask why you should prefer a sleeping bag to the ordinary blankets. The point is that its advantages are numerous and save parents from worries and concerns.

  1. They are a great middle ground.

Sleep sacks are extremely helpful when your baby can’t get used to sleeping without swaddling. Sacks somehow resemble swaddling clothes and provide for a quiet transition to using a blanket.

  1. Sleep bags reduce the risk of SIDS.

SIDS is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, which causes deaths because of overheating and suffocation. In a warm and cozy baby sleep sack with sleeves, your little one will never get tangled in as it often happens with traditional sheets and blankets. The child won’t throw it off and get cold as well. Experts recommend avoiding sleep suits with hoods because they can cover the baby’s face accidentally.

  1. They are useful for traveling.

In a familiar sleep bag, your child will be comfortable and confident wherever you go. It’s easy to carry and to pack.

  1. The baby is sleeping better.

A common reason for an infant to wake up at night is a temperature change. Using a sleep sack means your baby will sleep in the same temperature during the whole night and you won’t need to wake up and cover or uncover the child.

  1. It’s easier to change the baby.

There’s no problem of changing diapers even in the middle of the night because the only thing to do is to unzip a sack.

Recommendations before Buying a Baby Sleep Sack with Sleeves

If you’re tired of struggling with large blankets, sheets, and quilts, switching to a baby sleep sack with sleeves is an ideal alternative since it provides the same warmth but is much safer. You don’t have to worry that your baby’s movement will be hampered because all the sleep bags are spacious enough if you choose the right size. Don’t forget to measure the average room temperature before ordering a new item to make your small one cozy and comfortable.

Considering all these factors we’d advise turning to the L’ovedbaby Organic Infant Gown. It’s the most convenient option to choose since its size fits well and the quality of the fabric is first-class. Also check out my list of best baby towels that are hooded.

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