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Top 5 Best Baby Teethers for Your Little One

Table of Content:

  1. Comparison chart of best baby teethers
  2. Top 5 best baby teethers for your little one
  3. Tutorial on choosing the best baby teethers
  4. Different types of baby teethers
  5. Selecting of baby teethers
  6. Ultimate advice to pick up the best baby teethers

Comparison Chart of Best Baby Teethers

PictureNameOriginMaterialBPA, lead, PVC and other toxic freePrice Rating
Manhattan ToyChinaWinkel is made of PU tubing (polyurethane) and the center square is cloth coveredYes$$4.9
BonbinoChinaFood Grade 100% SiliconeYes$$$4.9
VulliFranceMade of 100% natural rubber and food paint which can fadeYes$$$4.8
Fruity Teether by Zizu BabiesChinaSiliconeYes$$$4.7
Ike & LeoChina100% food grade siliconeYes$$4.7
Little Bam BamNot listedSiliconeYes$4.7
BEBENot listedIndustrial siliconeYes$4.6
Mammas ClubChina100% food grade siliconeYes$4.5
NurturelandNot listedSiliconeYes$$4.2

Top 5 Best Baby Teethers for Your Little One

1. Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Activity Toy

colorful baby teethers

The Manhattan Company has been on the market for 25 years already and specializes in toys for the little ones. The Winkel Rattle is an unusual baby teether, which has won the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award in2019. A sophisticated maze of interlaced colorful tubes is interesting not only for babies but for older children as well. Its unique appearance captures everyone’s attention. In the center of a toy, there’s a cube which makes a pleasant rattling sound children like and helps them to learn why the sound is coming from a toy. Playing with this teether develops motor skills and imagination.

Parents who bought the teether say its soft and flexible. It contributes to developing a two-handed play and as the first toy can be even described as educational. Though the material is plastic, the baby teether is PVC and phaelate-free. There are many tubes to chew on, no matter how a kid holds the Winkel. To provide a better pain relief you can place it in the refrigerator for some time.

Check out the Amazon price and further details.

2. Best Baby Teether – 4 Teething Ring Toys from Bonbino

comfortable baby teethers

Teething rings are sometimes preferred more because of their simplicity and handiness – you can wear them on a wrist. These come in a set of 4 rings of different colors: blue, green, pink, and yellow. They are non-toxic, phthalate and BPA-free. The texture soothes aching sore gums due to a unique design worked out by professional doctors and medical researchers.

The rings received practically no negative reviews because they are effective and durable. There’s no danger of choking on them because they are large, but their size is adjusted ideally to fit in an infant’s hand. Children love to play with these teethers because they are light, colorful and have different textures. For parents, it’s extremely comfortable to wear the rings as bracelets or to clip them to clothes by silicone pacifiers. If you decide to buy this set, there’s also a bonus from a producer: a free e-book about teething issues and remedies for them approved by professionals.

Click to learn the Amazon price for the rings.

3. Mombella Food Grade Teether.

good baby teethers

The little teether looks like an elephant with trunk and legs. That’s why it’s handy and easy to grab even for the smallest ones. Its compelling feature is the elephant’s “nose” which can be used as a toothbrush to massage and clean a baby’s gums. Another thing worth noticing is that the product is not only BPA, PVC, and lead-free, but also latex free, so the risk of your child becoming allergic to latex is minimized. The teether is made of food grade silicone and is very flexible and soft.

The reviews are mostly positive and many parents have also bought an octopus and a squirrel from the same set for their kids to chew on. Remember, that babies always need some time to get used to a new toy and to learn how to use it, but then they just love it. It’s good value for money and a nice alternative for hard plastic some may have tried to use. The texture is so soft it won’t do any harm to baby’s delicate gums.

Look for additional information on Amazon.

4. Vulli Sophie la Girafe

top baby teethers

This nice giraffe is made of 100% natural rubber and is hand painted. Doctors warn that it’s extremely dangerous to give painted teethers to infants and toddlers, but this is a special food paint, which fades with time. It is BPA and phthalates-free and has a nice smell. The material lasts for a long time and doesn’t crack or break.

A baby can chew different parts of the toy and its design stimulates the infant’s hearing and sight. Babies calm down when they are gnawing the toy. Virtually all the reviews praise Sophie as one of the best baby teethers because she’s become a true friend for the small ones and their parents. Some children continue to play with it until 3 or 4 years. However, the teether is so popular that its copies appear on the market. So, be careful not to order a fake, which is not durable and may contain toxic chemicals. You can recognize a fake toy by a bad smell and a thicker body.

Find out more about Sophie the Giraffe on Amazon.

5. Fruity Teether by Zizu Babies

best baby teethers

These are three small toys in the shape of banana, grapes and watermelon with rings to hold them. Producers claim the teethers are approved by FDA and don’t contain any toxic substances. The product is made of durable silicone but is soft enough to soothe a baby’s gums. It also helps with drooling and burping and develops good motor skills.

Parents who bought them are completely satisfied because the toys are cute and comfortable for their children to gnaw. Babies like them because these teethers are different, colorful and funny. Different parts of each fruit have a different texture, which contributes to effective pain relief. It’s possible to wash the toys in a dishwasher and freeze them. Now you can buy the product for a promotional price and if you don’t like the it you can send it back and get a refund. These teethers may also be a great shower gift.

Check for a special offer on Amazon.

A Simple Tutorial on Choosing the Best Baby Teethers

When a baby’s primary teeth make their first entrance, it may cause pain for a child and trouble for its parents. The process starts approximately at the age of 7 months, though generally timing varies from 4 months to the baby’s first birthday.

While some infants cope with these changes easily, others may experience drooling, sleepless nights, constant pain and irritability. The reason is the inflammation of the gum tissue because of teeth coming out. Gums may even start to bleed, but though it seems scary, there’s nothing disastrous about it.

When teeth start poking out, they create a great pressure on the gums. The most effective remedy is counter pressure, that’s why babies like choking on something all the time. Certainly, they pick up things close at hand and put them into their mouth to relieve discomfort. It may be dangerous, so you have to provide your infant with something to bite. A clean finger or a soft wet toothbrush work well, and properly chosen best baby teethers are a great alternative. It’s good to keep them in a fridge, not in a freezer because cold things are more soothing for inflamed gums.

Different Types of Baby Teethers

It’s crucial to know how to select the best baby teethers from a huge variety available in the market to ensure you baby’s safety. They come in different shape, color and size, but the most important factor is their material.

1. Plastic

These were popular some time ago but today most parents don’t buy them. There’s a risk of such products containing dangerous chemicals like BPA (bisphenol-A) or BPS (bisphenol-S). Manufacturers usually indicate it when a toy is BPA-free. BPS is less well known but also toxic, so it’s better to avoid plastic teethers at all. Avoid products with PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and phthalates as well.

2. Rubber

Natural rubber teethers seem safe enough but the point is that they may contain latex. Few people are allergic to this substance but some researchers claim such an allergy can develop from exposure to the material in childhood. Besides, latex sometimes is considered carcinogenic.


This material is considered safe and it’s hypoallergenic. It’s a type of rubber and is widely used in medicine.

4Organic materials

Wood and fabrics are the best options for parents worried about dangerous chemicals and their child’s health. Such baby teethers are of various shapes and may be also put in a fridge to stay cold. You may search for other organic variants like cornstarch bioplastic material, which has appeared recently.

How to Select the Best Baby Teethers?

Apart from materials teethers are made of, it’s vital to pay attention to the product’s quality and shape. Check if the product meets the following criteria before ordering it:

  • Before buying, make sure the toy doesn’t consist of separate pieces because a child may accidentally swallow them. The parts mustn’t fall off easily as well. The best option is a toy which constitutes a single solid piece.
  • Remember that you’ll have to keep the toy clean, so it must be easy to wash. Fortunately, most of the best baby teethers available can be put in a dishwasher. If you don’t have one, you can wash the product with soap and warm water. Read instructions carefully, because some products can melt when exposed to high temperature.
  • Choose teethers your baby will be comfortable with. They should be with adjustments to hold them and not too big or too small. A friendly appearance is also a significant factor – no one wants his child to be scared by a teether. It’s great when a product can be both a teething remedy and a toy.
  • Nubbly and rough surface are more effective to provide counter pressure on the gums. No-texture smooth toys may appear just useless. Different types of textures combined in one product is a perfect option.

Ultimate Advice to Pick Up the Best Baby Teether

All the options available seem enticing and equally good, but the final decision rests with you. Remember, that the child’s safety must be your top priority. You can help your children relax and relieve them from pain by choosing the best baby teethers.

From top Amazon goods considered, we would recommend choosing between a Fruity Teether by Zizu Babies and a Mombella Elephant Shaped Food Grade Teether. If you order them, your baby’s safety is guaranteed and you’re sure to get exactly what you want. There are no risks of fakes or damaged products and they won’t harm your child in any way.

Teething Ring Toys from Bonbino are also a reasonable choice but they aren’t so original and funny. However, if your baby doesn’t like any of the teethers you buy, you can always send the toy back and get a refund. Here are some more teething toys for your baby.

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