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10 Best Hooded Towels for Babies

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Bathing your baby should be fun for both yourself and the little one. This activity is vital for the child’s health, and you should do your best to make it as comfortable as possible for your precious darling. One of the most important tools that can ‘make or break’ the comfort of bathing is a towel, so be sure to buy the best hooded towels for your baby.

best hooded towelsThere are plenty of these products on the market, so you will definitely find something both you and your child love. It’s always best to have at least a couple of hooded towels in your collection because you’ll need to wash them very often.

This particular type of towels is a great choice for infants because they are rather big and very comfy. You can wrap your bundle of joy in this piece with ease, and the little one is sure to love the process if the item is soft and fluffy. As your baby grows and becomes more aware, they will also be able to enjoy the design of the piece, so you should buy fun hooded towels. The options available today are so adorable that you will definitely like them as well.

Table of Content:

  1. How to choose hooded towels for babies
  2. Comparison chart of best baby hooded towels
  3. Independent review of best hooded towels
  4. The bottom line

Comparison chart of best hooded towels for babies

(length x width)
DANIBABY35 x 35 inches100% BambooChina$$$5.0
Bamboo Ray34.5 x 34.5 inchesbamboo rayon and cotton fiberChina$$$5.0
BabyVoice30 x 30 inchesbambooNot listed$$$4.9
Bambi Bamboo34 x 34 inchesOrganic Bamboo FiberChina$$$4.9
Teenie Greenie Baby30 x 30 inchesOrganic BambooNot listed$$$4.7
Luvable Friends 36 x 30 inches100% terry cottonUSA$$4.6
American Baby Company30 x 30 inches100% organic cotton terryChina$$4.6
Brooklyn Bamboo34 1/4 x 34 1/4 inchesorganic bambooChina$$$4.6
Eosette31.5 x 31.5 inches100% Organic CottonPakistan$$$4.5
Panda and Penguin LLC36 x 30 inches100% terry cottonNot listed$$$4.5

Independent Review of 5 top rated hooded towels for babies 

5. Panda and Penguin Hooded Bath Towel

hooded baby towels for bath

This is the cutest and best baby towel ever, so both you and your little one are sure to fall in love with it. The product is available in two colors, blue and pink, and designed as an adorable little penguin. This piece is perfect for infants who fight bathing, because you can always distract them from the ‘unpleasant’ activity by showing this amazing super-soft cape.

The hood’s design allows drying your little one’s hair easily, which is a major benefit for all hooded towels. The piece is made from 100% terry cotton, so it’s incredibly soft and absorbs moisture instantly. Panda and Penguin is a renowned manufacturer of top-quality baby goods. The company offers a full money back guarantee and an excellent customer support service. This particular product comes with a very useful eBook that lists 10 fun activities to try with your baby while bathing.

The reviews of this hooded baby towel are overwhelmingly positive. People love that it’s so soft and pleasant to the touch. It’s also easy to wash and its quality ensures that both color and shape of the piece hold up through numerous washing machine cycles. Many people buy this product as a present due to the beautiful packaging and eBook bonus.

4. Eosotte Hooded Baby Towel with Washcloth Mitt

best cotton hooded baby towels

Eosotte is the company you should go to if you want to get hooded towels that are classy and 100% safe. This particular piece is made from the highest quality certified organic cotton. Your baby will love it because the thing is so soft, it feels like silk. It will be safe for your little one even if he or she is prone to allergies as the material is free from any toxins and potentially dangerous chemicals. One of the amazing properties of this piece is that it gets softer after every wash.

The set comes with a wash glove that makes bathing your baby easier and more fun. The hood design is very efficient and looks stylish. It will keep the baby warm and will dry silky hairs right away.

The company offers a 90-day money back guarantee to every client who isn’t satisfied with the quality of the product. However, according to the vast majority of reviews, people love this towel very much. They praise every detail of the piece, from stylish silky ribbon stitching to comfortable size. Mothers complement the softness of the material, and the washcloth is a pleasant bonus.

3. Brooklyn Bamboo Baby Hooded Towel

top rated hooded baby towels

This is one of the premium-quality and best hooded towels that are sure to satisfy every parent. It’s thick and amazingly soft. The design of the piece is very simple and completely neutral, so it will make a good present for a baby shower. The quality of the fabric is nothing short of superb and the material holds up to washing very well.

Brooklyn Bamboo is a renowned manufacturer of baby towels and linens, and holds all the necessary quality certifications. The bamboo used to produce the piece is organic, which means that it’s perfectly safe for the baby. This material is a great absorbent and the towel will provide your baby with maximum comfort after their bath.

The reviewers agree that this is the ultimate hooded baby towel as it offers great value for your money. It’s durable and the fabric remains pleasant to the touch no matter how often you wash the piece.

2. American Baby Company 100% Organic Cotton Hooded Towel

best hooded baby towels

This beautiful piece is another one of the ‘neutral’ towels for babies. Produced by the leader of the market, American Baby Company (ABC). You can be perfectly sure of the quality of the product and the cotton it’s made from is certified organic. The piece has an elegant design of soft gray zigzag on the hood.

As you should expect from a top-quality hooded baby towel, this product from ABC is super-absorbent and very soft. Terry cotton is easy to wash and it will only get more pleasant to the touch as the time goes by. Designed for the comfort of both mother and the baby, this towel can make bathing a truly enjoyable experience and help you protect your precious infant from any drafts.

Reviewers love the towel’s design and the fact that it comes with a complementary washcloth. Many people don’t like that the piece is rather thin, though it’s highly absorbent and looks very cute.

1. Luvable Friends Animal Face Hooded Baby Towel

hooded baby towels

If you are looking for cute hooded towels, this excellent piece from Luvable Friends is your best bet. Its truly adorable ducky design can’t fail to impress your little one. The towel is extremely soft as it’s made from 100% terry cotton. It absorbs water in an instant and keeps your baby pleasantly warm after you leave the bath. The hood is not only cute but also very comfy and will protect the little one’s head.

Luvable Friends is a company you can trust and its products are renowned for their creative design and high quality. This piece will make an excellent baby shower gift. According to the majority of reviews, this towel is amazing. It’s soft, easy to wash, and durable. The latter is a very important quality in this kind of product because it requires frequent washing. It seems that all parents who own this towel agree that their baby wrapped in it makes a truly adorable sight.

How to choose hooded towels for babies

The most important factors you need to consider when shopping for hooded baby towels are:

  • Safety.
    Newborns’ skin is soft and incredibly sensitive. Therefore, any fabric or product that touches it must be 100% safe. Organic materials are the best choice for babies, but high-quality non-organic products can be safe too. Be sure to buy towels from reputed and certified manufacturers as this way, you can be sure of the quality of the item.
  • Material.
    There are many different materials to choose from, and each has its pros and cons. You should take all of them into account in order to make a decision neither you, nor your baby will regret. The most popular options are:

    • Cotton
      This is a classic fabric that is both soft and a great absorbent. Good cotton towels can feel like clouds, and they are reasonably affordable. The material can be organic, which is safer but more expensive.
    • Cotton and polyester blend.
      This is the most popular option because it’s considered safe and comfy. Hooded baby towels made from this material are pleasant to the touch and rather cheap. However, they aren’t 100% natural and might cause skin irritation in very sensitive infants.
    • Bamboo
      This material is getting more popular these days due to its soft and silky structure. It absorbs moisture well and is perfectly safe for the child. The only downside of bamboo towels is their price, which can be a bit high.
  • Design
    The vast majority of hooded baby towels are designed after cute animals, with hood being the ‘head’. They are very cute, and every family with a baby should have at least one. If your baby likes the design of the piece, he or she might enjoy taking a bath more. This can be a great help for parents with ‘moody’ infants who can throw a tantrum over bathing.
    There are also more ‘formal’ hooded towels that are a single-color with minimal decorations or some soft neutral patterns. Choose whichever you like best as design is a matter of personal taste when it comes to bath accessories.

The Bottom Line

Shopping for hooded towels for babies is a pleasant experience because they are incredibly cute. However, you shouldn’t forget about the importance of this item. It comes into direct contact with your beloved child’s skin, so it must be of the highest quality.

Buy only the pieces made from natural fabrics to prevent allergies and other negative effects. Always study some reviews to make sure that the product you are interested in is indeed as good and the manufacturer claims it to be. You should also take a look at the company’s website to check whether they carry the necessary certifications. You can’t be too careful when it comes to your baby’s health, so it’s best to be thorough in your research.

Design-wise, you won’t have any difficulties finding the perfect hooded towel for your little baby as there are dozens of them available. Considering the fact that these towels are big and can be used for many years, you might start a collection and eventually your little one will enjoy shopping for cute pieces alongside you.

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  1. My baby loves the hooded towels. We had purchased one earlier but then used your guide and our favorite is the #1 listed on your list of best hooded towels.

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