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Choosing the Best Nursing Cover: Top 6 Products Reviewed

As today’s life keeps women rather busy, sometimes a need for nursing in public places arises. The best nursing covers available is worth to be selected for this purpose, as it’s hard to overestimate the importance of proper nutrition for infants’ health and development. Among many other conditions, healthy nutrition implies breastfeeding in time and in sanitary environment. It’s obviously better to benefit from using proper breastfeeding covers instead of spending extra money on bottle nursing equipment, which means a way of feeding that is not natural for the baby.

Table of Content:

  1. Comparison chart of best nursing cover
  2. Independent review of best nursing cover
  3. Things to remember when looking for the best nursing cover
  4. Types of best breast feeding covers
  5. Summary of the best nursing cover qualities

Comparison Chart of Best Nursing Covers

bozemanbabycompanybreathable polyester$$5.0
EN BabiesMade of 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex$$$5.0
Kiddo Carelightweight cotton$4.9
SHaaSHaa100% breathable cotton$$$4.8
Bebe au Lait100% cotton$$$4.6
Bump Baby & Beyond100% cotton$$$4.5
Kids N' Such100% cotton $$$4.5
QAQADU Rayon Blend$$$4.5
MadisonRose100% Premium Cotton$$$4.5
Kids N' SuchRayon$$$4.5

Independent Review of 6 Best Nursing Covers Available on the Market

6. Cover-Up Privacy Scarf by Bump Baby & Beyond

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This lovely looking nursing cover is made of 100% cotton and your choice of best nursing cover must be made of 100% organic cotton if possible. It has rigid neckline with easily adjusted neck strap, which keeps mom’s hands free and helps fully concentrate on handling the baby properly while breastfeeding process. The cover has a handy pocket, which can be used for breast pads, pacifiers, breast wipes, keys or whatever seems necessary to you. This is machine washable item and its high-quality fabric doesn’t fade or get covered with loose threads. The item has a light weight of 4 ounces only and appropriate dimensions that provide enough privacy. The cover comes with a free pouch and a free e-book on breastfeeding.

Many mothers that have reviewed this product report it being very soft and cozy, with a truly lovely print. Neck ring wire seems very helpful because it enables you to see your baby constantly during the breastfeeding, yet provides you with essential security, ensuring the whole thing to remain in place without falling off. The reviewers also love the pouch enclosed, which helps to keep the nursing cover sanitary until use and easily fits in a pocket of any diaper bag.

5. Bebe Au Lait Premium Muslin Nursing Cover

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If you are living in a place of extremely warm climate, then this is the best nursing cover for you due to its ultra-soft, light, and breathable cotton muslin. Its open neckline with a patented Interlocking Cap System holds it away from mom and baby, ensuring proper air flow and allowing them to maintain eye contact. The size and material qualities insures total safety while the neutral pattern will be suitable both for boys and girls.

The reviewers find this item very lightweight and breathable, so there’s no worry that baby might sweat if you breastfeed on the beach or at the pool. Despite being very light, muslin material obscures you very well and keeps privacy. Many moms admit that the print is so attractive, that it often deserves compliments. Mind that this model has no pockets due to its extreme lightness. Machine washing is appropriate, but it’s better to reshape the cover after it to make sure it doesn’t lose its shape.

4. Breastfeeding Udder Cover Wide Hooter Hider by SHaaSHaa

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This spacious breastfeeding udder cover is made of 100% breathable cotton and completely machine washable. Boasting the high-quality fabric, it has a generous size, fashionable colors and elegant design. Due to its shape and large size, this item can be also used as a blanket or a sunshade for the baby. The product comes with 4 ultra-soft and highly absorbent nursing pads with bamboo waterproof layer and an e-book guide on breastfeeding.

Reviews also mark the convenient pocket that can be used for keeping pads and pacifiers, and a helpful string on the back which keeps the cover in its place, preventing the child from flinging it off. In addition to the number of useful features, the total look in this product seems to be very stylish, according to the moms who have tried it. However, if you have some problems with contacting the bamboo material, mind it while using the pads attached. Sometimes it may cause skin irritation, but this is fully individual.

3. Kiddo Care Nursing Scarf

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A very innovative design of this product reminds of a sling. In addition to the practical features, it looks like a nice accessory to add to your wardrobe. Breathable fabric is very cozy and lightweight – 1 ounces only. The dimensions of 26.4 x 0.1 x 68.9 inches are generous enough to accommodate your baby with comfort in it, but still keep the whole process private. The product can be used as a simple sling, as a car seat cover, as a swaddle blanket and just a shawl for the mother. In addition to a very friendly price, it comes with two free e-books – on breastfeeding and on baby showers.

Reviewers praise this nursing scarf for its comfortable shape as it is soft and fits the body perfectly. It might be a great choice if you have a delicate constitution. Functional and stylish design are also marked in reviews. On the other hand, although the material is of the high quality, it requires rather careful handling and washing. Machine washing sometimes causes stitching to come undone.

2. Full Coverage Nursing Poncho by EN Babies

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Poncho-shaped nursing cover by EN Babies is sewn of luxurious super soft breathable cotton; that’s why it’s called the top rated nursing cover by many mothers. It gives a mom and her child full 360-degree coverage for comfortable breastfeeding. The fabric is thick enough not to be seen through, yet not overheating for the baby. A generous size of 56.5 x 24.5 inches will suit any mom and baby’s needs. This fashionably designed nursing poncho with a navy striped pattern comes with a special storage pouch that allows keeping it sanitary. The item is machine washable.

Moms report this design being extremely practical as it makes it impossible for the baby to fluff the fabric and expose the mother. Great stitching and lovely pattern are also mentioned among the pros. Despite its size, the product can be folded easily and become small enough to pack it for on-the-go. Reviews also praise the elegant packaging in which the product is delivered and its convenient carrying case that prevents it from becoming dirty when put into the diaper bag.

1. Two-sided Infinity Nursing Scarf by Bozemanbabycompany

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The main feature of this interesting model is that it has the pattern on both sides on the scarf, so it can be easily and quickly re-arranged if needed and that is why it is included in my list of best nursing covers. Made of lightweight jersey knit, it is breathable and soft. The design allows you and the baby stay covered front and back while breastfeeding and is suitable even for plus-size moms. Another fact to keep in mind, if you do care for charity: the brand donates out of every ten such nursing scarves sold to women and children in need.

Reviewers find this model a perfect choice for those who find nursing blankets inconvenient. The material is reported to be very nice and completely hypoallergenic. In addition to not fading or tearing, it dries very quickly after washing. Its generous size doesn’t make it bulky at all as it easily fits into the bag. Many moms really do appreciate its elegant design that matches almost any clothes and makes it a very cute accessory that can be worn even without a baby with you. Many clients name it a product with a great quality for the just price.

Things to Remember When Looking for the Best Nursing Cover

  • Size
    Pick a cover that is large enough to place your baby comfortably in it and to provide the sufficient privacy for you both. However, it mustn’t be too big to remove the risk of falling off you. Choose the design that fits your body perfectly.
  • Weight
    The heavier covers fit better, but check if they don’t cause overheating or sweating – this may depend on the breathability of the fabric. The lighter ones should be fixed somehow not flowing freely and exposing you. Some of them have a string on the back side for this purpose.
  • Fabric
    The fabric quality is highly important. It must be natural, soft and gentle enough to make the process comfortable but not too airy as it still has to retain its obscuring features. The best nursing cover is always made of hypoallergenic and machine washable material.
  • Neckline
    The ones that allow you maintaining the eye contact with your baby during the breastfeeding are the most convenient.
  • Pattern
    Some nursing covers have a pattern on the both sides which makes it easier to re-arrange them when necessary. It won’t be the same with the one-sided patterned scarves, so if you are lucky to find the double-patterned one that fits other important criteria, this feature would another plus.

Types of Breast Feeding Covers

  • Blanket (Apron).
    These models of breastfeeding covers remind a common kitchen apron in design. They are very lightweight and easy in use. However, they cover you and the baby from the front side only, so you should combine it with a nursing blouse to achieve total coverage.
  • Scarf (Shawl).
    It’s just a special kind of a shawl that is tuned in fabric and design to the nursing purposes.
    It looks very fashionable and is easy in use, but there is always a chance that it falls off during the nursing process if you are not used to wearing such items, so it is for you to decide.
  • Poncho
    This type is considered as the best nursing cover by many mothers because it provides the full coverage and doesn’t have almost any cons. It can be a bit more expensive, but the prices don’t vary too much. Only if you live in the very hot climate, you should think of a lighter nursing cover design than this one, in order to prevent overheating.
  • Sling
    Another great choice for warm countries. In addition to covering purposes, it’s a very convenient carrying case for infants. Actually, the latter feature is the main one for which it was designed, so it’s crucial to pay attention to the material suitable for nursing when buying a sling. Also, should be accompanied by a nursing blouse as it provides a partial coverage only.

Summary of the Best Nursing Cover Qualities  

Sometimes the variety of products is too vast to make a choice but keeping in mind the main qualities that matter you can decide easily. Keep in mind the climate, the kind of places you often visit with a baby, the fabric quality and the level of coverage that seems the most appropriate to your tastes and personal needs. Nice design, that allows using your breastfeeding cover as a stylish accessory would be brilliant as well and absolutely not hard to find.


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