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Top 5 Best Organic Baby Mattress

Table of Content:

  1. Choosing and buying of best organic baby mattress
  2. Reasons to buy a best organic baby mattress
  3. Comparison chart of best organic baby mattress 
  4. Product review of best organic baby mattress
  5. Final thought

How to Choose and Buy the Best Organic Baby Mattress

During the first months of their lives, babies spend the vast majority of their time sleeping, and it’s vital to ensure that your little one feels perfectly comfortable during this. One of the most important things you need to do as a parent is to give your child the best organic baby mattress. Any kind of discomfort experienced by children for prolonged periods can have a negative effect on their development, so a poor quality mattress is a real hazard to your baby’s health.

Organic crib mattresses usually come in two forms:

  • Foam
    These mattresses are light and very comfy. Their thickness varies depending on the manufacturer, model, and material, though the most important quality-defining feature of this product is density. A good foam crib mattress should be moderately dense so that it effectively adapts to the baby’s shape every time they shift in their sleep. The ‘springiness’ of the mattress is also important as it must retain its original shape once the pressure is removed. A high-quality piece won’t be affected by constant changes of form and will serve you well for many months.
  • Innerspring
    In general, innerspring mattresses are more expensive than foam pieces. They are also more durable, so you might be able to resell them once your baby gets too big for the crib. However, springs are a potential hazard and these mattresses are firmer. If you choose this option, look for products with over 135 spring coils and a gauge of no less than 15.5.

Reasons to Buy the Best Organic Baby Mattress

There is a lot of controversy surrounding organic products. Some people claim that they are overpriced for no reason, and others state that their quality is superior to their non-organic counterparts. Each side has its own valid arguments, so it might seem that determining ‘who is right?’ is impossible.

However, when it comes to baby products, the answer is perfectly clear. Organic products are indeed the best. Newborns are extremely sensitive to any irritants and toxins, so it’s imperative to protect them from these dangerous chemicals. Considering how much time the little ones spend in their crib, buying the best organic baby mattress is a necessity.

These pieces are completely free from petroleum by-products used to create regular mattresses and they aren’t treated with toxic elements, such as boric acid.

The most common materials used for producing organic baby mattresses are:

  • Cotton.
    This material is breathable and 100% safe for the baby, even if your little one is prone to allergies. The vast majority of mattresses have an outer layer made of cotton even if their core varies from foam to springs.
  • Wool.
    The benefit of this material is its natural resistance to fire. Regular fire retardants used to treat mattresses contain toxins, so including some wool in the construction adds a measure of protection that’s hard to match without chemicals.
  • Coconut fiber.
    Breathability and flexibility are the defining features of this material. It’s more expensive than cotton but has a higher durability rate.

The vast majority of manufacturers use a blend of various materials, so there is no ‘best organic baby mattress’ formula. Therefore, in order to choose the piece that will be perfectly comfy and safe for your child, you’ll need to consider the following factors:

  • Thickness
  • Firmness
  • Flexibility
  • Weight
  • Materials
  • Breathability

The ultimate crib mattress should be moderately firm and flexible to ensure baby’s comfort and correct musculoskeletal development. It must be free of toxins and any potentially dangerous chemicals and have proper ventilation. Its weight must be reasonable because you will need to lift it at least once a week to change the sheets.

Comparison Chart of Best Organic Baby Mattress

Naturepedic100% organic cotton$$$5.0
L.A. BabyEco-Soy Foam 75%/Memory Foam 14%/Bamboo Viscose 11%$$4.8
Sealy100% Organic Cotton$$4.7
L A Baby Organic Cotton100% organic cotton$$4.6
Sealy SoybeanOrganic cotton$$4.5
LA BabyOrganic cotton$$4.2
Sealy Nature CoutureOrganic Cotton$$4.2

The Best Organic Baby Mattress: Top 5 Product Reviews

1. No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic Crib Mattress by Naturepedic

best organic baby mattress

If you are looking for the best organic baby mattress that has won multiple customer choice awards, this product is exactly what you need. The No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic Mattress is made from 100% healthy and certified organic materials. It isn’t treated with any potentially harmful chemicals and doesn’t contain polyurethane, PVC, lead, biocides, etc. The piece is completely anti-allergenic, so your baby will be perfectly safe while sleeping on it.

This product is GREENGUARD certified and recommended by the Healthy Child Healthy World coalition. The reviewers claim that this mattress is perfectly-firm for infants. It holds shape very well, so your little one will feel comfortable sleeping on it for hours on end. Many parents say that they transition the piece into toddler beds and it holds up great despite the increased weight of the child. Overall, the mattress is reasonably firm, quiet, and well-ventilated.

Check out the cost of Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Crib Mattress on Amazon.

2. Naturally Organic IV Triple Zone 2-in-1 Crib Mattress by LA Baby

good organic baby mattress

This is the best organic baby mattress for you if you seek a safe and durable foam piece that will let your child enjoy comfortable sleep for hours. The main material used for creating this product is eco-soy foam of the highest quality. Its quality is proven by the CertiPur US certification. Soy and other materials come from renewable sources and aren’t treated with any toxic chemicals.

The mattress cover is made of bamboo, which means it’s extra-soft and silky. It’s also waterproof and can be cleaned with minimal effort. The mattress itself is ventilated, so you can be sure that it will stay fresh and allow your baby to sleep comfortably even on the hottest days.

According to the vast majority of reviews, this particular product from LA Baby is highly durable and very comfy. Mothers complement its lightness and the fact that both maintenance and cleaning of the mattress are easy.

Find out the LA Baby Naturally Organic IV Triple Zone price on Amazon.

3. Nature Couture Cotton Bliss 2-Stage Crib Mattress by Sealy

best organic mattress for baby

Another great product from Sealy, one of the leaders of the crib mattress market. This is the best organic baby mattress for those who want to purchase a piece they can use for years to come. Its special 2-stage design ensures that your little one feels comfortable sleeping on it while growing from an infant into a healthy and happy toddler.

The surface of the item is made of top-quality organic cotton with Crypton Clean Sleep technology that ensures your baby’s comfort. This special protection prevents leaky diapers from damaging the mattress as it’s waterproof and easy to clean. Despite these qualities, the surface is breathable, so your little one is in no danger of overheating.

The mattress features 204 engineered steel coils that ensure its durability. All coils used by Sealy are tempered and tested to ensure that they provide perfect posture support for the baby. The edges of the piece are supported by a thick steel wire.

The vast majority of reviewers agree that the Cotton Bliss 2-Stage Mattress is a great product that would make any baby and parent happy. Its firmness is perfect for sleeping on both tummy and back. The difference between the ‘infant’ and ‘toddler’ sides of the mattress is noticeable and children seem to enjoy both.

Take a look at the Amazon price of the Sealy’s Cotton Bliss 2-Stage Crib Mattress.

4. Organic Cotton 2-in-1 Orthopedic Crib Mattress by LA Baby

good organic baby mattress

This piece can be rightfully called the best organic baby mattress among innerspring models. It’s durable, comfortable, eco-friendly, and highly breathable. You can be sure that these spring coils won’t fail you as there are 260 of them, and each is a heavy-duty 15.5 gauge. This product can serve you for years, so it would be a good choice if you plan to have another baby by the time your little one gets too big for the crib.

You can also transfer the mattress to a toddler’s bed. The piece features a unique structure that has extra strength on one side to support a heavier body. The mattress comes with sticky labels that mark which side is for infants and which is for toddlers.

This product is guaranteed to be perfectly safe for the child. It features flex-edge clips for side edge support and a cotton coil wrap that prevents coils from piercing the cushioning material. The organic cotton insulator pad is certified by the USDA. The fabric cover is Deluxe White Jacquard. It’s waterproof and incredibly pleasant to the touch. Air vents on the sides of the piece ensure good ventilation and enhance baby’s comfort.

According to the majority of reviews, this mattress has no faults, though some parents say that the piece isn’t firm enough on the infant side. This issue can be easily remedied by flipping the 2-in-1 mattress. People who use this product complement its durability and ease of handling.

5. Soybean Serenity Organic Crib Mattress by Sealy

organic crib baby mattress

This incredible product from Sealy won the title of the best organic baby mattress due to its high quality and unique construction. It’s a soybean foam mattress certified by CertiPur US. The piece is lightweight but extremely durable and has the perfect density to support your baby and ensure their comfort.

The cover is as extraordinary as the foam. It’s made from organic cotton of an excellent weave and feels soft and smooth like silk. This cotton mattress cover features the Crypton Clean Sleep Technology certified by GREENGUARD. It’s completely from potentially dangerous and toxic elements, including PVC, vinyl, and polyethylene. The cover is also waterproof, so the mattress is easy to clean.

The reviewers complement the quality of the mattress and materials. The vast majority of the mothers agree that the piece is amazing and they like that you can clean off any ‘accidents’ using a bit of soap and warm water. As the piece is light, it’s easy for the mother to lift, so changing the sheets turns into a quick and simple process.

Learn the Amazon price of the Sealy Soybean Serenity Organic Crib Mattress.

Check out the current Amazon price of the 2-in-1Orthopedic Mattress from LA Baby.

Final Thoughts

Every parent wants their child to be healthy, and providing your little one with the best organic baby mattress will help you make sure that the infant’s spine gets proper support. Take your time to research the options available on the market so that you are confident in the quality of the product you buy.

Decide whether you prefer an innerspring or a foam mattress and if you want to use it for the toddler bed as well. Once you know what you want, you will be able to pick the perfect product for your baby. Here is also my review of hooded baby towels.

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