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Buy the Best Organic Crib Sheets & Bedding: Tips and Reviews

Shopping for crib bedding can be a challenge nowadays as there are hundreds of options available. Therefore, if you want to pick the pieces that would be best for your baby, you will need what to look for. Best Organic crib bedding is definitely the ideal choice as its quality is very high and the material is perfectly safe for the baby.

Before you set out for this shopping expedition, you should understand that crib bedding is a term that encompasses a variety of items. You can buy them piece by piece or in a set. The sets vary in material, number and type of pieces, and design. In the majority of cases, purchasing a set is more cost-efficient.

The items included in crib bedding are:

  • Organic Crib sheets.
    The sheet you wrap around the mattress is the centerpiece of any crib bedding set. It must be fitted, because regular flat sheets present a suffocation hazard.
  • Crib bumper.
    The bumper is tied to the walls of the crib to prevent the babies hurting themselves. It’s not a necessary piece of bedding, so it’s included only in some types of sets. This type of organic crib bedding should be used only for older babies who have a better control of their motor functions to reduce the risk of suffocation.
  • Crib skirts.
    These pieces have little practical value and are used only as decorations. They can help enhance the interior of the room or ‘tie’ different pieces of furniture or accessories together to create a specific theme.
  • Crib quilts.
    Like loose blankets, quilts can be a suffocation hazard, so you shouldn’t use them if your baby is too young to stand on their own. However, once the infant’s motor development reaches this point, crib quilts become safe. Before this time, you can use them as a decorative element.
  • Pillowcases and accent pillows.
    A crib shouldn’t have any pillows when the baby is occupying it, but many organic crib bedding sets include beautifully designed pillowcases or accent pillows that can serve as decorations. These small pieces can enhance the design of the room. If you have a theme-nursery, adding a few stylish pillows will be a great choice.

Table of Content:

  1. Comparison chart of best organic crib bedding
  2. Independent reviews of top 5 best organic crib bedding
  3. What to consider when buying organic crib bedding
  4. In conclusion

Comparison Chart of Organic Crib Sheets & Bedding

Babee Talk100% organic cotton$$$5.0
Just Born 100% organic Cotton$$$5.0
Greenbudsorganic cotton$$$5.0
Brooklyn BambooOrganic bamboo$$4.9
American Baby CompanyOrganic Cotton$$4.9
Magnolia Organics100% Organic Cotton$$4.8
YourEcoFamily100% Organic Cotton$$4.7
My Little North Star100% ORGANIC JERSEY COTTON$$4.7
Miram baby70% Bamboo viscose and 30% Cotton$4.7
Magnolia Organics100% Organic Cotton$4.5

Organic Crib Sheets & Bedding Independent Reviews

5. YourEcoFamily Certified Organic Cotton Crib Sheet

organic cotton crib sheet

This beautiful piece of organic crib bedding is the definite leader on the market. Made of premium-quality certified organic cotton, this sheet is truly incredible and perfectly safe. It hasn’t been touched by any harmful chemicals during the production process, so you don’t have to worry about your baby developing a skin irritation or other negative reaction to it.

YourEcoFamily is a renowned manufacturer of quality bedding items and offers a full money back guarantee. The sheet is 220 threat count cotton, so it’s pleasantly soft and will allow your baby to enjoy restful sleep for hours on end. The elastic band fixes the sheet securely to the mattress, so there is no risk of the baby accidentally suffocating by wrapping the cloth around themselves.

According to the reviewers, this product is perfect for babies and very durable. It’s easy to clean and it doesn’t deteriorate after a few dozen washes. The piece is stretchy but fits the mattress perfectly, and the quality of the fabric is extremely high.

4. Magnolia Organics Fitted Crib Sheet

organic crib bedding fit sheet

Magnolia Organics is the company you can trust when it comes to organic crib bedding. These sheets are certified under the Global Organic Textile Standard and are perfectly safe for the sensitive newborn skin. The sheets are available in a great variety of colors, so you will be able to find something that will match the room’s décor perfectly.

The whole manufacturing process of Magnolia Organics is eco-friendly. From the moment cotton is planted to the point when a completed sheet is packaged, no toxic materials are used. The company uses only specialized fiber-reactive non-toxic dyes.

The reviewers praise the exceptional quality of the fabric and beautiful colors. According to them, the material is thick and incredibly soft. It’s perfect for any season because cotton is breathable, so your baby won’t feel too hot during the summer, and it’s also warm, to ensure comfort through the cooler seasons. The pieces keep their shape and original color even after numerous machine washing-drying cycles, so you won’t have to replace them in a couple of months.

3. American Baby Company Organic Cotton Interlock Crib Sheet

organic crib bedding sheet

This sheet is the premier example of top-quality organic crib bedding. It’s made of 100% organic cotton, grown and processed without any dangerous chemicals. The fabric is completely free from bleach, dyes, and any other potentially dangerous solutions. It can be machine washed, though only with the ‘cold’ setting and the mildest baby-safe detergents.

The sheet is incredibly soft and cozy, so your baby is sure to love it. Its outstanding feature is its unique shape. The piece has a special 3-panel construction with corner pockets that are 9“ deep and ensure a tight and secure fit for standard crib mattresses (28“ x 52“).

The vast majority of reviewers agree that this is one of the best crib sheets available on the market. Many people claim that this is the softest organic cotton piece they’ve ever touched, and many complement the fact that the item doesn’t shrink in the least, even after numerous washings.

2. Brooklyn Bamboo Softest Organic Fitted Crib Sheet

comfortable organic crib bedding

This remarkable piece of organic crib bedding from Brooklyn Bamboo stands out due to the incredibly soft fabric that your baby will definitely love from the first touch. Its texture is so smooth and silky, that you might envy your little one’s comfort. The material is certified organic, 100% hypoallergenic, and safe even for the most sensitive babies.

The sheet’s design is incredibly cute, though muted, so it will fit in with any kind of nursery décor. Little pandas are unisex, so this sheet will work for both girls and boys. The piece is an excellent choice for the summer months as the fabric is perfectly breathable and ensures the baby’s comfort through the heat-filled days and nights.

The reviews of this piece are overwhelmingly positive as people love that it’s so soft, thin, and pleasant to the touch. Those who used this sheet claim that the elastic band that secures the sheet to the mattress is durable and the piece stands up to multiple washings rather well. Many people compliment the adorable design.

1. Babee Talk Organic 5-Piece Crib Bedding Set

organic crib bedding

This beautiful organic crib bedding set consists of five pieces with adorable design:

  • A soft and silky fitted crib sheet.
  • Three cute railing covers.
  • A smart crib skirt that will look great in any nursery.

The sheet is equipped with deep corner pockets to ensure a secure fit to the mattress and accommodate the minor shrinkage that is bound to appear after washing. One of the unique features of this particular product is that it can easily accommodate any type of  crib, including convertibles.

The set is made of 100% certified organic cotton and retains color and shape even after numerous washings. Babee Talk also includes a small complement to the package, namely two adorable bed pals that can become your little one’s best friends. These take-along pals are a bee and a caterpillar, both made from eco-friendly materials and safe for the baby to play with.

According to the vast majority of reviews, the Babee Talk Crib Bedding Set makes a wonderful baby shower present. Parents enjoy it due to its beautiful design and extremely high quality of the materials. The product is highly cost-efficient because you get 5 separate bedding pieces for a very affordable price.

What to Consider When Buying Organic Crib Bedding

In order to choose the best crib bedding for your precious baby, you should consider the following factors:

  • Materials.
    Newborn’s skin is extremely sensitive, so it’s imperative that the bedding you choose is soft and made from a material that doesn’t cause irritation. Even a minor allergic reaction to the fabric can deal irreparable damage to the baby’s health. Therefore, you should always buy bedding made from organic natural materials. It may not be as colorful or long-lasting as some synthetic pieces, but it is 100% safe for the infant.
  • Design.
    The patterns and prints on the bedding pieces matter only from the decorative point of view. Some parents choose them based on the gender of the baby, while others prefer to look for pieces that match the theme of the room. You can choose whatever you like best, but remember that babies shouldn’t be surrounded by bright colors all the time. Pastel-colored sheets, bumpers, and quilts will be the safest option for the little one.
  • Thread count.
    Look for the sheets with the highest thread count as their texture is most pleasant to the touch. The best options are 400+, though 200 and 300 are also good.
  • Cost.
    Money shouldn’t be the deciding factor when shopping for organic crib bedding because the quality of the piece is much more important due to its influence on the baby’s health. The most important thing you’ll need to decide is whether to purchase a set or separate bedding pieces. The best solution is to buy several sets so that you have well-matching bedding details, and a few spare sheets that are sure to be needed because they have to be washed often.

In Conclusion

Be careful and thorough when shopping for organic crib bedding. Infants sleep the majority of the day, so their bedding must be extremely comfy and perfectly safe. Be sure to invest in pieces made from premium-quality organic materials that won’t cause an allergic reaction.

You also need to remember that every piece of cloth that comes into contact with your little one’s skin must be freshly washed. Never use any of the bedding pieces right out of the box as even organic products can be contaminated by dust and dirt during transportation.

It doesn’t matter whether you decide to buy a bedding set or individual pieces as long as you focus on the quality of the fabric. It needs to be light, soft, and smooth to provide your beloved baby with maximum comfort.

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