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Top 5 Best Organic Mattress Protector

Organic Mattress Protector: Choosing the Best for Your Baby

An organic mattress protector is a must-have item in a house with children. For parents who want a healthier environment for their kids during sleep, it’s an extremely reasonable investment. Some parents, though, find it a too expensive and unnecessary thing to buy when they already have a mattress made of high quality materials or when they think on rather buying a conventional non-organic protector. However, there are some significant reasons to add an organic mattress pad to your shopping list. Keep reading to find out what the benefits of using this product are.

Table of Content:

  1. Comparison chart of best organic crib mattress pads
  2. Independent review of best organic crib mattress pads
  3. How an organic mattress protector can make your baby’s sleep better
  4. Things to consider when choosing an organic mattress protector
  5. In conclusion

Comparison Chart of Best Organic Crib Mattress Pads

Serta100% organic cottonNot listed$$5.0
I'm a little Teapot!100% organic cottonPakistan$$$4.9
Brooklyn Bamboo80 Organic Bamboo 20%tpuChina$4.8
Naturepedic 100% organic cottonUSA$$$4.8
American Baby CompanyFace:100% Organic Cotton; Middle: 100% Breathable Polyester; Back: 100% Breathable Waterproof PolyesterChina$$$4.7
PUREgrace100% NATURAL TENCELChina and USA$$$4.7
KiddlecoOrganic Bamboo RayonNot listed$$$4.7
Dry DefenderOrganic CottonChina$$$47
Baby and Brookeorganic bambooChina$$4.6

Pexils(tm)Top Layer: 100% Organic Cotton, Middle: 100% Breathable Polyester, Back: 100% Breathable Waterproof Polyester.Not listed$$$4.6

Top 5 Best Organic Crib Mattress Pads Independent Reviews

5. American Baby Company Organic Mattress Pad

organic mattress pad

This Pad has the highest ratings in the list of the best organic mattress protectors. It’s made of breathable polyester covered with soft organic cotton layer. Such a blend allows the pad to be the safest and most durable compared to other items in this category. Moreover, it has the Certification of Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), which proves it contains not less than 70% of organic material. Ensuring hygiene around your baby on the highest level, the pad itself can be easily washed using a special washing mode. The reviewers confirm that the waterproof lining of this mattress protector is indeed waterproof, which means the product is truly effective in terms of protection against liquids. Parents also find a benefit that the pad makes no noise when their baby moves in the crib.

Check out the price and more details for this item on Amazon.

4. Naturepedic Waterproof Crib Pad

waterproof mattress pad

Another safe option is a hundred percent organic mattress protector by Naturepedic. The materials used have been tested by GREENGUARD, which is the sign of high quality as well as the guarantee that the minimal harm to the environment has been done in the process of manufacturing. This fantastic pad copes with all the functions a perfect pad should do – it provides a waterproof and hypoallergenic barrier keeping the dust mites and other potential allergens away. Moreover, being breathable, this great product ensures your baby has a comfortable sleep without sweating and anything else that can be disturbing.

According to the majority of reviews, the pad can be suitable for almost all the crib mattress types. The customers like that it’s soft by touch due to the organic cotton fabric. The fact that this product is made in the USA makes it a more preferable choice for most parents.

Look here for the detailed characteristics and Amazon price.

3. Organic Mattress Protector by Brooklyn Bamboo

comfortable organic mattress protector

What makes this item different to the others is the textile that it’s made of – soft organic bamboo fabric is highly effective and sturdy allowing the pad to get into the list of the three best organic pads for baby crib mattresses. Besides, free of all the harmful chemicals, it prevents allergic reactions improving your baby’s rest. The environment-friendly non-toxic TPU waterproof layer hinders any leaks and ensures a fresh and clean sleep. Simple washing machine laundry makes the mattress protector stay clean and serve you for a longer time. The product is imported.

The customers agree that organic bamboo is more absorbent and durable than cotton. They say this protector fits in most crib mattresses and doesn’t show through the sheets despite its yellow color. Also, the reviews prove that this protector successfully resists dust and dirty stains.

Find out more about this amazing product and its price on Amazon.

2. Crib Mattress Pad by I’m a Little Teapot!

organic mattress pad

This downy and soft item is a wonderful choice. Filled with hundred percent organic cotton without adding any other components, it’s extremely soft and pleasant by touch, which provides a more comfortable sleep to your little one. The high quality GOTS Certified fabric is supported with stronger seams. Also, being chemicals free (that includes BPA-free, Phthalate-free, Latex-free, etc.), it has no peculiar chemical smell. The product has a 12 months guarantee, which is a definite plus since the company ensures a full money back payment.

The majority of feedbacks are positive praising the product’s efficiency and affordability. Parents like the quality of the material and its condition after the laundry – the fabric doesn’t pill and shrink even if have been washed for many times. Besides, they find it beneficial that it should be washed in cold or warm water instead of hot.

Look at the product characteristics and the price on Amazon.

1. Serta Perfect Balance Deluxe Organic Crib Mattress Pad

organic mattress protector

If you’re looking for a balance between comfort and functionality, this organic mattress protector will be a great option for you and your child. The pure organic cotton upper layer of the pad is soft and plush, while the lining is made of waterproof material that provides a full protection against fluids. Although it absorbs well, it still can be easily washed and it can dry comparatively fast. Elastic bands around the edges don’t allow the cover shift and slide down. They also make it suitable for literary all kinds of crib mattresses.

According to the majority of the reviews, this mattress protector is quite a worthy deal for the price. The customers enjoyed the product’s appearance – it has a cute print on the top that is available in two colors. They also assure that it’s made very firmly and proves to be long-lasting.

Check out more information on this item on Amazon.

How an Organic Mattress Protector Can Make Your Baby’s Sleep Better

A mattress protector isn’t just a cover for your baby’s crib mattress. It’s something that can make your child feel comfortable during sleeping hours. Moreover, it can be made of healthy free of chemicals materials improving your baby’s sleep even more. If you have doubts on purchasing this product, here are several things you would like to know about it:

  • It prevents allergic reactions.
    The most common textiles that the organic mattress pads can be made of are organic wool, cotton, or latex. Normally, babies sleep from 13 to 16 hours per day. Considering this fact, it gets obvious that the surface your baby lies on should be hundred percent safe – only natural fabric free of chemicals. Such kind of material reduces the risks of allergy and prevents the development of asthma in childhood.
  • It protects against liquids and creates healthy environment.
    The organic mattress protector is designed not only for children’s incontinence. It prevents sweat, drool, oils, etc. from permeating inside the mattress itself and piling up there. That’s quite an advantage because you can’t wash the mattress as often as the protector. Some can’t undergo washing at all. So, having such a cover for your mattress ensures it will stay clean longer and keep on creating hygienic environment around your child.
    Moreover, the textiles made from organic materials are also breathable. They can absorb and release moisture not getting wet therewith. They also keep the temperature in balance by staying warm in winter and cool in summer. The latter means that they won’t be a cause to your baby’s sweating making its sleep sound and comfortable during the hot season.
  • It helps to keep the dust mites at bay.
    Dust mites are tiny creatures that exist literary everywhere. They feed on skin flakes, hair, and other pieces of organic matter. The surroundings that they like are the warmth and humidity that go from a human body when breathing, drooling, and sweating during sleep. So, it’s not surprising that one of the favorite places where dust mites produce their populations is bed.
    Immune system of most people allows for normal life with these insects not even knowing about them, but it’s not the same when talking about babies as they are much more vulnerable. However, having the organic mattress protector for your baby’s crib can help in dealing with dust mites. Due to the waterproof function, it will lower the humidity thus reducing the population of these creatures. Also, it doesn’t allow the sweat and skin cells penetrate into mattress so that the mites stay on the surface where they can be easily wiped or washed away.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Organic Mattress Protector

After you’ve made up your mind in favor of the organic mattress protector, you will have to define what kind of it you need. Here are the questions you may ask yourself in order to make it clear:

  1. Where do you plan on using your mattress and its cover?
    It’s an important question since the type of material depends on the purpose of use. Besides, if you haven’t bought a mattress itself, you should choose whether you want it for your baby’s crib or for the diaper changing table.
  2. How do you want it to be attached?
    This means that you may need a fitted pad, which is like a bag where you put your mattress, or the one that is zippered. Another option is the pad with elastic bands on its edges. If your baby moves around a lot during sleep, this will more likely to be a better choice since it prevents the protector from sliding.
  3. Pure white or colored?
    It’s obvious that you wouldn’t go for a bright and colorful mattress protector for sleep. Still, some options on the market provide light colored covers with some funny prints. They may be good if you don’t want a conventional white color.
  4. How much money can you spend?
    This question is vital to define the quality of the mattress protector you will get eventually. If you can’t afford the expensive items made in the USA, an option could be to look for imported products as they may turn out to be of the same quality but more affordable.

In Conclusion

In modern world, safety is what everybody is looking for. For a child’s sensible, growing organism it’s even more important. Spending so many hours sleeping, your baby needs a hygienic safe environment inside the crib. That’s where an organic mattress protector will be the best choice. It performs important functions and protects your child all the way.

However, the mattress pad gives benefits not only to you and to your little one. In the process of making these products, less toxic and harmful chemicals are emitted into the air. Therefore, purchasing the organic mattress pad for your child’s crib can be your best way to make a difference and contribute to the nature’s safety too.

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