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Top 5 Best Sleep Sacks for Babies

Sleep Sacks for Babies: Why to Use and How to Choose

Sleep sacks for babies become more and more popular to replace a traditional blanket. Actually, they are a kind of wearable blankets, specially designed for infants to prevent possible troubles and ensure serene, quiet sleep for your little one.

A top of a sleeping bag of this type looks like common infant clothes. It has a neck hole, sleeves, or armholes, depending on a model. Lower it’s more like a usual tourist bag, but sewn from a baby blanket cloth and far more spacious.

Today’s market offers all possible kinds of sleep sacks, suitable for any season. Check the tables, widely available on the Internet to learn which model is suitable for which room temperature, what are the main safety rules of employing it, etc. When chosen properly, this device will remove all imaginable dangers and help both you and your child not to be worn out in the night but instead wake up full of energy next morning.

Table of Content:

  1. Comparison chart of best sleep sacks for babies
  2. Detailed review of 5 sleep sacks you can buy right now
  3. Main advantages of using sleep sacks for babies
  4. Types of baby sleeping bags
  5. Things to remember while buying sleep sack

Comparison Chart of Best Sleep Sacks

Happy CherryCottonChina$$5.0
Woolino100% WoolChina$$$4.9
Baby DeedeeCotton 75%/Polyester 25%India$$4.9
Spasilk100% CottonChina$4.8
HALO 100% CottonChina$4.7
Schlummersack100% CottonNot listed$$$4.7
HALO SleepSack Winter Weight100% cotton outer, 100% polyester fillNot listed$$$4.7
HALO SleepSack Plush Dot100% polyesterNot listed$4.7
Carters100% Polyester MicrofleeceChina$4.5
HALO SleepSack100% CottonChina$4.3

Top 5 Sleep Sacks You Can Buy Right Now

5. Baby SleepSack Wearable Blanket by HALO

wearable sleep sack for baby

This is one of the widest known brands. HALO wearable blankets are used in many hospital nurseries as their product of choice for teaching parents safe sleep practices. This particular model is suitable for the age of 0-24 months. Made of 100% cotton fleece, it contains no chemicals that may cause the skin irritation. Sleeves are absent in this model in order to avoid the risk of overheating. Extremely light-weight and cozy, it’s a perfect choice for the warmest weather. ‘Back is Best’ embroidery on it reminds the parents to always place their baby on the back when to go to rest.

The reviewers praise the high quality of fabric which is super soft and mild. Keep in mind that delicate washing is recommended for such a type of material. Another advantage is a generous amount of room for active swaddling in this wearable blanket. At the same time, the arm- and neck holes are designed conveniently as to remove any risk of tangling or smothering. However, the buyers report the sizes to appear a bit small sometimes and advise to take one size above required when ordering this model.

4. Baby-Boys Newborn Sleep Sack by Spasilk

baby sleeping sack

It will be a good choice for hot nights in summer. This item is made of soft Indian cotton and adorned with the cute print. Despite its delicate material, this wearable blanket easily endures machine washing. Sizes are appropriate for 0-6-month-old infants, but the model is shaped to leave a bit of place for growth. Upside down front zipper allows performing the diaper changes very easily. In addition, the zipper is covered at the top to protect the baby’s neck.

Among other benefits marked by the customers in reviews, there are light weight, nice coloring, and spacious design perfect for babies who dislike being wrapped too tightly. Also, the reviewers recommend this model for children with highly sensitive skin because cotton feels on it much better than fleece. Although this model is designed for the summer, many mothers prefer them to sleeveless sleep sacks for babies because in the latter case two layers of clothing are often required, while Spasilk bag combines the benefits of a blanket and a night-suit.

3. Sleep Nest Baby Sleeping Bag by Baby Deedee

sleeping bag for babies

Sleep Nest bags will be of use during colder seasons. They have 100% cotton exterior, lining for maximum breathability and polyester quilting, which makes them one of the best possible choices for winter time. The quality of this smart model is approved by Red Tricycle and Creative Child Awards in2019. The design of these quilted wearable duvet blankets includes easy on/off shoulder snaps that allow safely putting the bag on or changing the diaper without waking a baby.  Comforting cocoon-like shape makes a child feel cozy and secure. The Deedee brand offers wearable blankets for the children of 0-36 months.

Reviewers admit that this product is pricey a bit but it’s worth it totally. Although it’s designed for winter mostly, the item is not heavy and bulky at all. On the contrary, it looks surprisingly lightweight, but copes with its task of giving warmth during cold times quite successfully. So, it can be easily taken along for traveling. Thanks to natural fabric, it appears to be suitable even for those children who sweat excessively.

2. 4 Season Merino Wool Infant Sleeping Bag by Woolino

infant sleeping bag

In case you don’t like the idea of buying too many sleep sacks for different seasons, turn your attention to this outstanding model. It’s designed to solve many problems at once. First of all, it’s sewn of premium extra soft hypoallergenic Australian merino wool complemented with the organic cotton outer, what makes it optimal for use all over the year. Secondly, adjustable underarm snaps make its size universal for the age range from 0 to 1 year. There are also shoulders snaps and convenient 2-way side zipper among the benefits of this product. Woolino also provides toddler size sleep sacks for 2-4-year-old children. In2019 this product was marked with two prizes: Mom’s Choice Award and Creative Child’s2019 Top Choice of the Year Award.

Unique breathable fabric that also has a natural quality of fire resistance is often praised in the reviews. In addition, it’s said to cope with quick temperature changes successfully. Some of the reviewers prefer wool for its absorbent feature as it helps keep the crib drier if the diaper leaks. However, despite the declared 4 season aptitude, it’s not recommended to use this product in extremely severe winter conditions.

1. Baby Bear Sleep Sack with Removable Sleeves by Happy Cherry

sleep sacks for babies

The models most suitable for the strongest cold are presented by Happy Cherry. Its fabric is made of 100% cotton fleece and creates a micro-climate around baby’s body to keep it warm all night through.  Adorned with the funny animal patterns, this wearable blanket has removable long sleeves, shoulders snaps and two side zippers that allow opening the whole thing flat for quick and easy diaper changing. The size of this particular model is appropriate for 24-28 month children.

The reviewers extremely like the very soft outer and high quality of the fabric. Among the benefits of this model’s design are also enough room inside the wearable blanket, cute coloring and lovely patterns that enhance its attractiveness even more. In addition, many mothers mention this sleep sack for babies as a perfect match of price and quality. However, keep in mind that this item is really warm. Consider the climate of the country you live in thoroughly because some parents report that this bag is even too warm for their baby.

Main Advantages of Using Sleep Sacks for Babies

If you have never used or even heard of such items before, you may naturally hesitate whether it’s sensible and safe to replace a baby blanket by it. Learning about sleeping bag’s important benefits will give you the assurance that you are making the right choice.

  • Temperature control.
    Wearable blanket easily ensures the proper temperature for sleep. As your baby won’t be able to throw it off like a traditional baby blanket, he or she won’t get cold. On the other hand, the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndromes) due to overheating is successfully prevented by this device as well, because baby simply can’t occasionally put it over his or her head at night. The risk of hypothermia is also eliminated as all the wearable blankets are designed to support the constant and healthy temperature level during the night. Many brands provide a various range of winter models as well.
  • Freedom to move.
    Some babies like swaddling a lot. Moreover, in infant period swaddling is necessary for proper development. While blankets restrict movements to a certain degree, sleep sacks for babies are spacious enough to leave your little one the freedom to choose whether to swaddle or not. In addition, it’s impossible to get tangled in it and fall, like in a blanket.
  • Longer and healthier sleep.
    The design of these bags allows putting them on and changing the diapers without waking a child. This ensures longer and more peaceful rest, which is essential for your baby’s health.
  • Comfortable design.
    As such a sleeping bag fits the baby’s body perfectly it’s the most convenient choice not only for use at home but also for a walk or even a travel.

Types of Baby Sleeping Bags

Actually, there are two main types of baby sleeping bags available on the market today. They are designed depending on the age of your child:

  • Sleep sacks for babies.
    It’s actually the type of sleeping bags described in detail above. It suits the needs of the most infants, providing them with secure and comfortable sleep. Make sure to pay attention to the material when buying it. Of course, a natural one will serve your aims much better.
  • Bags for toddlers.
    This model will be extremely helpful when your baby starts to pull them on their feet. In addition to the traditional design, it has little holes for the feet at the bottom. Thus, your curious explorer can make his or her way around the room, without a risk of stumble and fall over. When it comes to sleeping time, simply tuck the child’s feet back into the wearable blanket. It is still spacious enough to move freely while being asleep.

Things You Should Remember Buying a Sleep Sack

When it comes to baby care, health and comfort are the first priority. Try to use sleeping bags made of natural fabrics like cotton, wool or bamboo. Take into account universality, safety, practicality and reputation of the brand. If you hesitate about the appropriate fabric density, check the average temperature in your nursery.

Keep in mind that babies grow too fast during the first years of their lives, so choosing the bag of a right size is crucial. Study not only the size category but also the item dimensions properly before making your choice.

Although some models are suitable for many seasons at once, it’s better to have at least 2-3 sleeping bags of different density at your disposal. It helps totally eliminate risks of overheating and hypothermia and quickly make a change if one of them occasionally gets messy.

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