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Top 6 Best Teething Toys

Teething is a process that each child goes through when growing up. It’s quite a challenge for both babies and their parents as it brings pain, discomfort, and a lot of crying therewith. Using a teether is a great way to calm your baby down since biting and chewing help in soothing the aching gums of your child. There are various toys on the market for infants getting over their teething process. Here’s a quick peek on the best teething toys for babies and a few tips for you to choose the one that your child will definitely appreciate.

Table of Content:

  1. Picking up the right teething toys for babies
  2. Comparison chart of best teething toys
  3. Independent review of top 6 best teething toys
  4. Bottom line

Comparison Chart of Best Teething Toys

PictureNameMaterialOriginBPA Free, Phthalate Free, Latex Free, Lead FreePriceRating
Sophie La Girafe100% natural rubberFranceYes$$5.0
Manhattan ToyThe Winkel is made of PU tubing (polyurethane) and the center square is cloth coveredChinaYes$4.9
NubySkin soft silicone and soft, colorful fabricChinaYes$4.7
ComotomoSoft hygienic medical grade siliconeKoreaYes$4.7
MunchkinHard textured plasticUSAYes$4.6
Nuby IcybitePurICE Gel and
Mammas Club100% food grade siliconeChinaYes$$$4.5
B. Hug Linkssoft rounded plasticChina$$$4.4
Baby DivaSoft SilconeChinaYes$$$4.4
Mombella100% food grade siliconeNot listedYes$$$4.4

Independent Review of Top 6 Best Teething Toys

6. Nuby IcyBite Hard/Soft Teething Keys

icy bite teething toy

This fantastic item deserves to take the first place in the list of the best teething toys for babies. Designed for kids getting through their front teeth teething, it has the size and shape that perfectly fit into little hands and mouth. The surface is covered with nubs for gently massaging the delicate infant’s gums and stimulating the areas of teeth eruption. Besides, the toy stays cool for a particularly long time after being refrigerated due to the gel substance inside. This teether can be fairly called a safe one as it’s made from the natural material that is BPA, PVC, Latex, and Phthalate free.

The reviewers like that the item can be used not only for teething but also as an interactive toy since squeezing and shaking it during play time develops children’s motor skills. Parents also praise the toy for its ability to hold a baby’s interest for a long time – the item consists of several fun keys of different colors, which also allows for visual stimulation.

Take a look at the detailed characteristics and Amazon price of these teething keys by Nuby.

5. Munchkin Twisty Figure 8 Teether

twisty baby teether

In the list of the best teething toys for babies, Munchkin teether holds pretty high positions. Consisting of four different teething surfaces, it’s designed to help your baby through its difficult teething time. The toy has both rubber and plastic sides for both light and strong pains. Due to such a variety of textures, it will be more likely to suit most children. The teether looks very bright and thus captures the infant’s attention. Besides, it can make that fascinating rattling sound that appeals to all babies so much. Despite its comparatively big size, it’s still can be easily grasped by your child’s small hands developing sensory skills and hand-eye coordination.

According to the vast majority of reviews, this teether is recommended for its durability and safety. The reviewers claim it’s able to survive a long-term use and is easy to clean by means of simple hand washing. Introducing a variety of colors, this toy is said to be able to hold a child’s interest for a very long time.

Check out the product details and see its price on Amazon.

4. Comotomo Silicone Baby Teether

silicon baby teething toy

If you’re looking for a simple but effective teething toy for your little one to keep quiet and be happy, this item will be the best. Being tiny enough for your child to hold it without effort, it’s still rather big to prevent choking. Due to several holders, your baby will not only feel comfort when chewing it but also enjoy twirling it while playing. Also, these holders have different textures on their ends, which provides a range of senses to your child. The teether is made of only safe material – PVC and BPA free silicone. Its simple design makes it easy for cleaning with your hands. Yet, it’s sturdy enough to survive washing in dishwashers, microwaves, sterilizers, and boiling water.

The feedbacks for this wonderful teething toy are mostly positive. The reviewers like that it’s light in weight and looks like a baby finger so that your child will naturally feel the need to put it into mouth for soothing the irritated gums. It’s also said to be quite flexible – you can simply put it into a diaper bag when going somewhere.

To learn more about this product, visit Amazon.

3. Nuby Wacky Teething Ring

nuby wacky teething toys for babies

This Nuby product is made of various types of materials that ensure the pain relief for front, middle, and back teething. Soft fabric at the top of the ring and rubber parts on the one side provide gentle massage to the areas of teeth eruption, while the hard plastic surfaces ensure a firmer bite and a greater pressure to sooth the discomfort in the mouth and aid the teething process. The teether’s bright and colorful appearance will surely captivate the interest of your baby during the whole playing time promoting hand-eye coordination herewith.

According to the customers’ reviews, this ring is one of the best teething toys for babies. The feedbacks are full of praise for the product’s multiple surfaces that allow every infant to choose the most soothing one to chew on. Parents say their children enjoy the crinkle noise that derives from some parts of a teether. They are contented this teething toy is mobile due to its small size and can also be attached to a pacifier clip to prevent continuous falling.

Find out more about this amazing teething ring and see its price on Amazon.

2. Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Activity Toy

good teething toy for baby

Among the best teething toys for babies, this product by Manhattan Toy occupies top positions. This tangle of different colors is what will help your baby go through its teething process with much fun and entertainment. The teether will serve as a great interactive toy aiding your child’s motor and sensory skills development since playing with it involves squeezing, twiddling, and bending the toy with both hands. You can put it into a refrigerator to give your baby’s delicate gums a more soothing effect, which will last for a long time. In addition, the toy can be easily washed in hot soapy water.

The customers agree that despite the size of the teether, it’s highly effective and flexible. The rattling noise amuses children and is said to be rather quiet and non-irritating. According to the feedbacks, the toy is small enough to allow the baby hold it easily. Besides, parents agree that this item is really durable and safe since the loops are made from high-quality plastic free of all kinds of harmful chemicals.

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1. So Pure Teether Giraffe by Sophie La Girafe

best teething toys for babies

This item takes its deserved place as one of the best teething toys for babies. It’s something more than just a teething ring to chew. Using this product is a great way to start the child’s acquaintance with animal world as this toy appears as a giraffe. Still, it contains two rings with different chewing textures – the first one is a softer kind of rubber, while the second one is harder. This allows your child to experience different effects when going through all the teething stages. Besides, the toy’s design is quite simple, which ensures your baby won’t choke.

People give positive feedbacks on this item due to its cute appearance and effectiveness. The reviewers claim that it’s the safest option for their kids since the giraffe is made from a hundred percent natural rubber, and even the paint on some parts of the toy doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals. Being compact in form, the toy is said to be easy to carry along when visiting a doctor, shopping, etc. Parents also like that the teether is easily washable without causing any harm to the material.

Visit Amazon to find out more about this product.

Best Teething Toys for Babies: How to Pick the Right One

When purchasing a teether for your tot, you have to consider these important criteria:

  • Material.
    Since the toys of such kind have direct contact with mucous membranes in the mouth, they should be safe for your kid’s health. The material can be plastic, silicon rubber, wood, or fabric. Since all kids are different, you should watch your baby to understand what kind of a teether will be more suitable. For example, if your baby feels the most discomfort in its sleep, you will probably need a teething fabric blanket. If it happens while playing, a plastic or a rubber toy will be the best. Besides, you’d better avoid teething toys with something painted on them as this paint may be harmful to your baby’s organism.
  • Shape and surface.
    The easiest way to check if the shape is appropriate is to let your baby hold a teether for a while. Its form and size must be perfect for a little hand to hold it freely, and you should also make sure the toy fits in your child’s mouth.
    Since these toys are for long use, you should go for an easy-to-clean item. It means that the shape should be plainer and have less corners so that you were able to reach any part of a toy when washing it.
    Talking about the surface, the best teething toys for babies will be the ones that have some texture, while the smooth surface toys may be less effective.
  • Appearance.
    Today manufacturers have come up with thousands of different designs for teething toys so that you could pick the most attractive one for your kid. Bright colorful toys are appealing to children more than single-color ones. A teether may look like an animal, a ring, or anything else as long as your baby likes its appearance.

Bottom Line

Having a teether is necessary for every child and parent. Yet, today’s market provides too many choices so it gets difficult to pick the most suitable one. A perfect teether for your tot will be the one that combines all three of the vital criteria – the high-quality natural material, the convenient shape with a textured surface, and the attractive look. Therefore, even if your chosen toy appeals to your little one and comes in the ideal size and shape, you’d better not buy it if you’re not sure that it’s made from the safest material. If a teether contains any sort of liquids inside, make sure it won’t be harmful to your baby as well. Your child’s health is what comes above everything.

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