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Top 5 Best Wearable Blankets for Babies

When it comes to using wearable blankets for babies, many parents can see their infants start sleeping through the night much better as they begin to put on sleeping bags or blankets. This piece of baby wear might look quite simple but it ensures a cozy feeling for a newborn as well as helps to control the temperature efficiently.

A lot of young parents cannot imagine not using a wearable blanket since it’s a very practicaland useful item. The kid will never kick it loose and wake up being cold while its parents don’t have to worry the blanket will slide down. It’s also a useful thing for parents who are co-sleeping with their newborns but do not want the baby under their own duvet.

Along with comfort and reliability, the wearable blankets provide a certain level of safety for infants during their sleep. While the risk of sudden infant death (SIDS) due to suffocation in the sleep might seem not high, loose quilts, pillows, and blankets still put newborns in a serious danger. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, up to 50 percent of babies can be at risk due to potentially hazardous bedding.

Table of Content:

  1. Comparison chart of best wearable blankets 
  2. Independent review of 5 best wearable blankets for babies
  3. Top reasons for using wearable blankets for babies
  4. Choosing a Wearable Blanket for Your Kid
  5. Bottom line

Comparison Chart of Best Wearable Blankets for Babies

HALO100% polyester$$5.0
Woolino100% Wool$$$5.0
aden + anais100% Cotton Muslin$$4.9
HALO SleepSack100% Cotton$4.8
HALO SleepSack 100% Cotton$$4.8
Baby DeedeeCotton 75%/Polyester 25%$$$4.7
HALO SleepSack 100% Polyester$$4.7
Halo 100% Cotton Muslin Sleep Sack100% Cotton $$4.5
Gemini Fairy100% Organic Cotton $$$4.5
SlumberSac100% jersey cotton and 100% soft polyester fleece$$$4.5

Reviewing 5 Best Wearable Blankets for Babies

5. HALO Sleep Sack Wearable Blanket

baby blanket wearable

This 100% cotton sleeping sack comes in four sizes fitting kids from 10 to 36 pounds. It has become globally popular among parents and caregivers due to its comfortable construction enabling an easy diaper change. It also provides lots of space for kicking and features a sleeveless design for better heat management.

This wearable blanket by HALO is recognized by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute and is recommended by hospitals and nurseries worldwide. It’s a perfect alternative to a conventional blanket which can occasionally go loose in the crib causing the infant get too cold or too warm as well as can interfere with breathing.

On the Web, there’s plenty of positive feedback on this item. Not only do the majority of users acknowledge the high quality of the materials (the cotton is really soft and nice), but they also positively respond in favor of this wearable blanket due to its “upside down” zipper which means many parents will sleep more soundly knowing their little ones are not at risk of SIDS.

Although initially designed for indoor use, many parents state these wearable blankets for babies can be used for warmer weather outside as well.

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4. HALO Sleep Sack Cotton Swaddle

good wearable baby blankets

Another great item from HALO features a specific design with swaddle arms which is especially useful for caregivers who want to ensure their infants a good sleep. It’s available in three sizes and can enclose newborns from 5 to 18 lbs. The swaddle wrap helps to effectively immobilize the newborn preventing the startle reflex while he or she is sleeping. The sack’s design also allows you to remove the swaddle when it’s not needed.

The feature which many parents like about this model apart from high-quality materials is its flexibility. The swaddle is adjustable to fit various sleeping styles while the sack itself offers plenty of space in the bottom for a comfy diaper change. Safety is another great feature in this model. Not only does the model provide strong fasteners and a zipper unzipping from the bottom, but it even provides an embroidery reminder for parents to ensure they choose the best sleeping position for their kid.

Many reviewers have called this model one of the best wearable blankets for babies. Unlike many swaddle wraps by other producers, this particular model is intuitively easy to get the baby in. The model features a wide Velcro which makes it much more difficult for the infant to get out of this sack. The fabrics are organic and can withstand many washes without losing its color or quality.

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3. Aden by Aden Wearable Blanket

baby wearable blankets

When looking for a sleeping sack for your baby, consider this great model made of 100% organic prewashed cotton. According to the manufacturer, the more you wash the blanket the softer it will become to provide a better sleeping experience for your kid.

The item features a traditional wearable blanket design unzipped from the bottom. An additional muslin strip covering the zipper ensures maximum comfort and prevents the risk of skin irritation.

Most parents and caregivers prefer using this item paired with some light sleep ware such as pajamas. They deservedly call it one of the best wearable blankets for babies due to its really thin fabrics helping to ensure the kid will not get too warm while its simple design doesn’t allow the newborn get out of the sack to be cold. Since the model is one-layer, many reviewers state they prefer using it for the summer months or in warmer climates.

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2. Woolino Baby Sleeping Bag Four Season

wearable baby blankets

This model by a renowned manufacturer offers plenty of great features such as double shoulder snaps for easy dressing, luxuriously soft wool fabrics to create a micro-climate around baby’s body, a specially designed seatbelt slot for safe driving and easy transfer between crib, bouncer, and car seat, and much more. The generous fit in the bottom lets the baby move freely promoting healthy hip development and ensuring easy diaper change.

One of the greatest features many people like about this item is its optimal lining which means parents can use this wearable blanket in all four seasons. It also makes dressing very easy since the model can open completely flat. In addition, the product meets the US Consumer Product Safety requirements which mean its fabrics are 100% organic and contain no potentially hazardous elements.

Many reviewers have opted for this model as one of the best wearable blankets for babies since it provides a snug fit around the neck, a perfectly placed inverted zipper, and a breathable material suitable for 65-68 degrees during the night.

Also find out my list of best sleep sacks for babies here.

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1. HALO Big Kid’s Sleeping Sack

wearable blankets for babies

Available in two sizes, this nice wearable blanket with sleek design will fit toddlers aged between two and five years. It can be used over regular sleepwear and ensures enough room for feet to tuck at night. Unlike a wearable blanket for newborns, this model features foot openings allowing toddlers to move freely when awake.

The positive feedback on this model serves to point out its major advantages such as preventing toddlers climbing over the crib, ensuring the blanket is always where it’s supposed to be, a well-built and lightweight construction. According to the majority of the customer reviews, parents believe this item deserves to be called one of the best wearable blankets for babies in its category. They like the comfort and safety it provides to bedtime routines as well as appreciate the quality materials used to manufacture the item. It’s lightweight while the cotton is softer than the majority of bedding materials.

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Top Reasons for Using Wearable Blankets for Babies

  • A snug feeling.
    Upon leaving the comfortable womb, newborns have to get used to the new environment. This means babies are quite vulnerable to the slightest changes in the setting around them. With a wearable blanket, you won’t have to worry your kid is bothered by undone sheets. You will provide a good sleep to your kid and get a couple of precious hours to relax for yourself.
  • Temperature control.
    The body of a newborn cannot regulate its temperature efficiently during the first few weeks of life. They don’t have enough body fat while they can lose or gain heat nearly four times faster than an adult. For this reason, one should constantly try to prevent the kid getting too cool or too warm, especially during a sleep. Wearable blankets for babies help to keep the right temperature through the night when parents have little chance to check whether their kid is warm or cold.
  • Ease of use.
    Since the mother will normally feed her newborn little one about every two hours, she would naturally do it a couple of times in the night. Taking out the kid from the crib for night feedings will be much more soothing and comfortable if you don’t have to undo a blanket and wake up the baby.
  • Flexibility.
    Whether you’re on a plane, walk outside with your kid in a pushcart or simply drive with the little one on an interstate, a nursing bag is a great travel companion for any young parent. You can forget about picking up dropped blankets as well as won’t have to worry your infant feels uncomfortable while you’re on the go. Wearable blankets are also perfect to help kids get used to sleeping without swaddling when they become too big for it.

Choosing a Wearable Blanket for Your Kid

Before you rush out and start hunting for a sleep sack, make sure you know how to choose the right thing. The important factors to consider are as follows:

  • The size.
    To ensure the wearable blankets for babies are comfortable and efficient, it’s important to get those which will fit your kid perfectly. An oversized sleep sack may cause the kid to be too much covered while the one which is too small might simply hamper the natural movements.
  • The temperature range.
    There’s a wide selection of sleeping bags for kids available on the market. Depending on the time of the year, you will choose between a winter, a summer, and all-season wearable blanket. Note, that the temperature range for indoor use items will significantly differ from those designed to be used outdoors.
  • Safety.
    Use wearable blankets with top to bottom zippers to ensure your baby cannot reach it. Make sure there are no hard materials which can cause irritation or discomfort. Even a thick material which is normally used to manufacture winter wearable blankets has to be soft and pleasant to touch. And don’t forget the materials have to be organic and contain no toxic dyes.

Bottom Line

The importance of a good sleep for newborns and toddlers can hardly be overestimated. Bedding and sleepwear are important factors influencing the overall health of your kid. Choosing a wearable blanket is not a complicated task if you know exactly what you’re out for. It’s important to ensure the fabrics are comfy, soft, and breathable while the design allows easy handling and provides enough space for your little one.


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